Animal Communication Business Mastery Program

A program to empower Animal Communicators and Nature Communicators in their work, their communication, and in their lives.

Accessible Worldwide! Your program begins when you sign up!

The purpose of The Animal Communication & Nature Communication Business Program is to have animal communicators & nature communicators powerfully, confidently and compassionately working with clients and students, of their own, around the world. We are passionate about developing leaders in the field of telepathic animal and nature communication because it is our mission to give ALL Animals and Beings of Nature the satisfaction of being heard and the opportunity to reach the hearts and minds of human beings through our work. 

The Animal Communication Marketing Program areas of focus:

1. Conquering self-doubt. 

2. Marketing and advertising.

3. Working with clients.

4. Consultation structure and business practices.

5. Leadership.

6. Learn to work with your Nature Advisory Team

7. Discovery of your true self.


Continued development in:

1. Animal & nature wellness: conversations for addressing health issues.

2. Working with rescued, and or abused animals and people involved in the animals care.

3. Conversations with pets about behaviors challenging their humans.

4. Working with lost pets and their people.

5. Conversations with animals about their particular food preferences, food sensitivities and, particular nutritional needs.

6. Preparation for the transition of death and communication with pets who have passed on, and working with their people through what can be a difficult time.

For practicing animal and nature communicators and those preparing to begin work in this field.


This program is a natural fit for those who have attended, are attending, or have completed:

Animal Communication Essentials, and or

The Animal Communication Certification Program,

or The Nature Communication Certification Program,

or The Veterinary Animal Communication Certification Program.

or other programs

2020 Dates: Thursdays 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. PDT  (2021 Dates will be added soon!)

Sept 3, 17  Oct 1, 15, 29  Nov 12, 19  Dec 2, 16

The program looks to see where technique, confidence building, marketing, and deepening animal, nature, and human listening will take the Animal Communication Marketing Student to an entirely new level of ease, clarity, and confidence to share animal & nature communication, and make the kind of difference, in life, animal and nature communicators love to make.

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