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Animal Communication for Veterinarians!

by Maia Kincaid | Sep 13, 2015 | You are invited! |

Veterinary Professionals Who Are Animal Communicators

Animal Communication for Veterinarians, Rescue Workers, and other Pet Care Professionals.

As a veterinarian, animal rescue worker, animal trainer or a pet sitter, imagine the difference it would make if you had the opportunity to actually have a conversation with the animal! And, what if you could talk with the animal before you even met him or her in person? For instance, before entering the exam room, or on the way out to a farm call, or while making preparations to rescue an animal living in another region? In a moment you have the opportunity to listen to them share who they are, how they feel and what they need. There are numerous benefits to having the ability to simply ask the animal how they feel, what would make them most comfortable, and what they would like. In addition, when we have the animal guiding us and we are simply there to support them, our work becomes even more powerful and the peace of mind we have in knowing what they want, and that we are in alignment with what they want, is truly amazing because being committed to their well being can be a place where we feel great peace and knowing (as opposed to stress). And, we then are in a place to receive the gratitude the animal has for us in so courageously honoring their wishes too.

More information on Animal Communication Classes and Certification Programs

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