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I CAN Communicate With Animals Anywhere, Anytime!

Kato and Maia hugs!
Kato and Maia hugs!

Uma Karve from India joined me as my guest in a class session of The Animal Communication Mentoring/Certification program in March 2020. Thank you, Uma! It was wonderful to have you in class!

Uma is a student of one of my awesome students Manjiri Latey. Manjiri has many students and is becoming known worldwide for her inventive and highly effective way of instructing her students in communication with animals and beings of nature too including, trees, plants, insects, and the Earth. For more information about Manjiri Latey and to become one of her students:

Uma sent me an email after class:

Dear Maia,

Loved your class! Thank you so much for the opportunity. Manjiri keeps saying (just like you) that you don't need a quiet place, you can communicate anywhere and at anytime. I learnt that it is possible today (when I was a guest in your class)!  Lots of love to your beautiful kitty (Kato) Thank you again, Uma

Kato the cat Animal Communication World.Com

Dear Uma, thank you for joining me in class! You jumped right in and communicated with the animals! You did awesome without knowing anything about the animals! I am so happy you experienced how simple it is to talk with animals on the spot, anywhere and anytime with no need to quiet the mind or be in a quiet place. Thanks again Uma! Great success to you in your animal communication.



Uma is already helping others by communicating with their animals.

A few more notes on telepathic animal communication:

Once we experience how simple it is to talk with animals on the spot, anywhere and anytime with no need to quiet the mind or be in a quiet place for ourselves it is so freeing and opens an entirely new world for us where we may learn from the animals their individual point of view and their suggestions for how we humans may have more peace, joy and harmony in our lives. In addition we can talk with any animal to learn their experience and how we may be of benefit to them. Animals love to be heard, understood, share their advice, and to be known.

As we talk with more and more animals we learn how we may let go of human ideas like working hard at it, figuring things out, interpreting, having an agenda of our own, trying to control things, thinking we know better than the animal what is best for them etc. As we shed these ideas and habits of being we begin to simply show up to talk with the animal telepathically and let them tell us who they are, what their life is like, what they want and what they want us, and, or their people to know. Animal communication becomes a joyous and fascinating experience, and guess what? The animals truly get THEIR voice!!! Yay!!!

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