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Animals Talk About the Coronavirus

Updated: May 21, 2020

Animals what do you have to say about the Coronavirus and what is going on around the world?

I talk with animals, plants, insects and the Earth, (humans too) on a daily basis and remind fellow humans of our innate ability to easily do this. A friend sent me this good question so I sat down to have a chat with any animal who wished to share.

Animals what do you have to say about the Coronavirus and what is going on around the world?

Here’s what I heard:

My cat Simone said: It’s static!

Hmmm… I was puzzled by Simone’s statement so I asked her to share more and I looked up the word. Animals often have me asking them more questions because they don’t like it when we try to figure things out in our own minds, they love it when we listen, ask them questions and dialog back and forth with them.

I said: Simone I am not sure what you meant by the word Static in reference to the virus and what is happening around the world. I pasted in the dictionary sentences you asked for. Please explain.

Stat·ic adjective Dictionary entry: lacking in movement, action, or change, especially in a way viewed as undesirable or uninteresting.

Simone said: This first definition, applies to how it has been for humans. Certainly you have made many changes but there are some areas and some conflicts that continue to lack movement, action or real change.

I said: Simone, please say more about “some areas and some conflicts that continue to lack movement, action or real change”

Simone said: It has to do with how you feel deep down about yourselves and about each other. I could go on and on about this topic. Let’s talk on this next time! I want to share what I want to share here so let’s please continue.

I said: OK.

Dictionary entry: crackling or hissing noises on a telephone, radio, or other telecommunications system.

Simone said: What we (the Animal Kingdom and all life) are experiencing is like this! You are static! You are buzzing! You are coming to life! You are making noises. You are realizing what is most important to you. You are realizing your fears and the way of living which doesn’t feel good. You are realizing more than ever your oneness with all other human beings on the planet and how important each one of you is to each one of you. The choices each one of you make impact other human beings in life threatening and life saving ways. It has always been this way. All beings of life are impacted by each one of you each moment. We are happy you are waking up!

Simone said: It is electric. Humanity is UNLEASHED at last!

I said: What do you mean by that Simone?

Simone said: Your fears are freely flowing and you are AWARE of them! In general humans are in fear, you just don’t know it all the time. There is always something you find to fear. I am not speaking from a lack of love. We (animals) love you humans! You are like our children. We continually train you and enlighten you with our love and wisdom. We never stop loving you even if we act momentarily like we have stopped loving you.

Simone went on to say: This is a terribly upsetting time for you and your species. It is a terribly fearful time as none of you know what will happen, what to do, or what to expect. You fear you may die or someone beloved by you. You fear for how you will care for us, and whether you will be able to make it with any reserves you have.

Simone said: Does it bother us? It certainly does! But it also bothers us the continual fear and stress which was here long before the virus. You cannot hide anything from us. We know you inside and out, far better than you know yourselves. We LOVE you, please remember that. You are like a bunch of teenagers out of control and we are your parents hoping some day you will settle down and settle in knowing how capable you are, and how truly WONDERFUL you are. We want you to know you can get through this and it, the corona virus, can be the most tremendous impetus for transformation of the human species on planet Earth. That is what we are all (The Animal Kingdom, The Family of Plants, The Association of Insects, and our dear Mother Earth) hoping for. We are attentive as always watching our favorite drama, the human species. You are so beloved by us no matter what. We so love the idea of you coming home to yourselves and living with gratitude at how wonderful you are and what a joy it is to simply be. You live in the past and in the future. Right now you are being forced to be in the moment. The future appears to be quite misty and cloudy. There does not appear to be a clear path and a clear outcome. Not all of you are in agreement on how to manage the threat of the virus. Some are flippant about it and taking many risks not realizing this attitude and lack of concern could bring the virus home to a loved one or a friend. Your best hope is to isolate as much as possible to be careful. It is also good to be aware of your fears and be open about them with yourselves and others. Meet online, talk on the phone, check in with one another.

Simone went on to say: What you are experiencing is your fears REVEALED. You have been living in fear all along but have managed, managed, and managed them in ways that make it so you forgot you were in fear and it became the ordinary way for a human being to feel and experience day to day life. This is NOT an ordinary way to live, and it is NOT recommended. What is going on right now is actually better. Your fears are out there whether you like it or not. You are now more present in the moment! We (The Animals and Beings of Nature) actually LOVE this!!! It is not that we want you to suffer or be threatened with your lives but right now you are more authentic. In an odd sort of way you feel a new sense of aliveness and a new sense of who you are and what you want to do with your lives. Dreams are being birthed right now. Living with respect, kindness and compassion for yourself and others as if there is or may not be a tomorrow is truly heroic and what we know is possible for our humanity. (This is how we live! We are heroes of the heart!) It is very exciting to have everything shook up and what would never ever change in a million years is changed now. Businesses are temporarily closing doors and changing ways of being. Each person is thinking in the back of their minds about changing things going forward. The presence of the threat has made it so humans have a good reason to stop activities and regroup, reconnect with themselves and their passion.

Simone went on to say: It is our hope you learn from our presence. Tuck in with us and learn how to be in the moment. Don’t run us off to the shelter because you are not sure you can provide for us, instead ask for help, it is available. This is a time for you humans to come together. Don’t meet in person! Use the technology for something truly beneficial all around. Help each other. Talk to one another. Be of support. It will help you find your purpose. We live in the moment all the time. We know what you humans are going to do (you have no secrets), but what you are going to do changes all the time. We often live in uncertainty but that is how it is in the wild.

Simone went on to say: What is interesting for humanity at this time is that you are fighting the same foe. (You always have been fighting the same foe you just didn’t know it.) You have the same enemy which is bigger and badder than any other foe you have ever dealt with and bigger than the enemy you see in one another. There is an opportunity for humans to unite like never before. We (animals and beings of Nature, including of course Mother Earth) are excited! It is like we are all watching the greatest human drama to date and we are all routing for you to win.

I said: Simone, what does that look like, “to win”?

Simone said: It means walls drop and true genuine respect can be had amongst humans regardless of your religion, your politics, your culture and where you live.

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'We continually train you and enlighten you with our love and wisdom.' A vivid image of my Pomeranian, Kip, popped into my head reading that...not only because he communicated it to me when I asked him (through an animal communicator) about bringing home some feral kittens I was rescuing. 'I get to train them though,' he said; but he was such a strong beacon of unconditional love and companionship that I had never experienced from any other being. Thank you for the beautiful words and the memory Simone!


Carol L Finney
Carol L Finney
28 Mar 2020

This piece touches me deeply, and speaks the language of my heart!! Thank you!!


Shalini Dave
Shalini Dave
27 Mar 2020

What an insightful conversation! Coming 'Home' to who you truly are!

Shalini Dave, New Delhi, India

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