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What does Telepathic Animal Communication require? How to have two-way dialogs with animals.

Originally posted by Maia Kincaid Feb 8, 2019

Fun and fascinating information about having two-way dialogs with animals – Telepathic Animal Communication!

Telepathic Animal Communication:

1. Requires no effort.

2. Requires no practice.

3. Requires no meditation.

4. Requires no photo of the animal.

5. Does not require that the animal is seen in person.

6. Requires no psychic or intuitive ability.

7. Requires no determination.

8. Requires no discipline.

9. Requires no struggle.

10. Requires no miracles.

11. Requires no worry or concern

12. Requires no sense or idea of connection.

13. Requires no special talent.

14. Requires no pain and no hard work.

15. Is easy, straightforward, and simple.

16. Can be done at any time, under any circumstance, by anyone, and create miracles.

In fact, items 1 – 12, (apply effort, “practice”, attempt to clear the mind/meditate, become determined, discipline, engage in struggle, hope for miracles, have worry or concern, seek for validation of connection, fear or concern about a believed special talent, or a belief that pain and hard work are required are precisely the mistaken beliefs about Telepathic Animal Communication which make the communication appear to be, confusing, elusive and ineffective.

When we do the opposite of items 1 – 12 and we simply surrender and be ourselves however that seems to be in the moment we experience a new sense of freedom and aliveness in our lives, and relationships, and our animal communication happens effortlessly. The more animals we simply hang out with the more our relationship with ourselves becomes like that of being with the most nurturing supportive parent. We become like the animals to ourselves. We parent ourselves in a way that brings us tremendous joy and love and the fulfillment of our wildest dreams.

As we are reminded of our natural ability to communicate telepathically with animals, people, plants and the Earth, we learn to surrender, play, celebrate, be kind to ourselves, love ourselves and love our lives. We become love and the world responds accordingly. The animals are love, they show us we are love too! We become love for others.

1. When we listen in this new way to animals and to fellow humans we really learn to surrender and be in the natural flow of life. We experience greater ease in our communications. Challenges which may seem impossible to overcome are often resolved with no effort.

2. We become intimately aware of our true passion and what life is about and what is really important to us.


Animal Communication World Maia Kincaid Red the horse
Red and Maia Kincaid laughing!

. We become compassionate and supportive of ourselves, conflicts within resolve, and peace abounds.

All that is required to communicate with animals telepathically is that we show up, just as we are, no matter what is going on, no matter how ruffled or unprepared we feel – we simply show up. When we show up, an animal is heard! The animals do all the work – all that is required is that we surrender, sit back, listen and engage. When we surrender we learn to accept ourselves however we are, we enter a whole new world of wonder and miracles. It is a fascinating adventure!

If you find yourself putting in effort, “practicing”, thinking you need to be in a deep quiet meditation, being determined, disciplined, struggling, worrying or concerned, thinking you don’t have what it takes, or thinking you need to work hard, suffer or experience pain… simply pause and pat yourself on the back. Take a nice slow deep breath and simply allow yourself to be taken by the animal. Let them show the way. This is an opportunity to surrender our human way of doing things and beliefs that make us unhappy. Experiencing the animals point of view in the moments we communicate gives us the opportunity to go back and forth experiencing life from our way of being and knowing, and theirs, and back to ours again. Being in their perspective as we have two way dialogs with them can feel like coming home at last to what life is all about.

Welcome home!

Thank you for sharing the path!

With love & gratitude to know your love for animals and the difference your presence makes!

Maia Kincaid Ph.D.

Copyright 2015 (Copyright updated 2017) All rights reserved to the materials in The Animal Communication World – Maia Kincaid Ph.D.

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