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Animal And Nature Communication Essentials Class!

Accessible Worldwide Via Zoom!
Attend LIVE Zoom class sessions led by Maia Kincaid (a pioneer in the field) from the comfort of your home.
No prior experience is necessary!

Great for new students & students who want to continue developing their skills & growing in confidence.

Learn how to communicate with animals anywhere, anytime, with no preparation, including no distractions like no quieting the mind, no centering, no meditation, no sending and receiving messages, and no connecting and tuning in. Instead, learn how to be you and converse easily and quickly back and forth with animals on any topic. 

  • Step-by-step method to talk with any animal

  • Have two-way dialogs with animals and plants 

  • Distinguish your voice from the animals

  • Talk with animals who have passed on 

  • Talk with animals about reincarnation

  • Talk with wild and rescued animals

  • Develop confidence talking with your animals

  • Learn to speak with any species on land and in water

  • Make a difference for animals around the world

  • Certificate for 6-month & 12-month attendance.

Animal Communication Essentials Is a monthly membership animal communication class which you may begin, pause and begin again whenever you wish. There are three, 90 minute live video class meeting dates per month. Attend live and, or self study via video recordings and assignments.

ZOOM Class Meets 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Pacific Time (California) Saturdays on the following dates: 

2024 Dates: Jan 6, 13, 20  Feb 3, 10, 17  Mar 9, 16, 23  April  6, 13, 20  May 4, 11, 18  June 8, 15, 22, 29  July 6, 13  Aug 24, 31  Sept 7, 14, 21, 28  Oct 5, 12, 19  Nov 2, 9, 16  Dec 7, 14, 21 

Animal And Nature Communication Essentials
Live Mentoring With Maia Kincaid
  • $195.00/Month.

  • Or,  $1950/Year

  • Start and stop your membership whenever you wish. 

  • 3 Zoom class sessions/month

  • 90 minutes each

Pay for the year in advance and save!
Non Refundable.

Chanella goat & Maia Kincaid Animal Comm

"The class really was amazing. We covered so much and talked with so many animals and in many situations. Although I had already taken a class (with someone else), I feel like this course helped me to really understand things I had not grasped before. These included how to relax and not be so hard on myself, and how to differentiate between the voice in my head and imagination and what was coming from the animals. Maia is an excellent teacher, and I loved my fellow students. Our homework assignments were very helpful and I thought quite unique. I had not done exercises like this in my past training. I have a library of books by professional Animal Communicators, so I have seen other approaches. And for me, Maia, was the perfect teacher. Thank you!" Laura Shelton USA

"Maia, you have dispelled my fear that I would be a complete failure at animal communication, believing that other people can do it, but not me. Like you say, it is easy, and we all have the ability to “talk with the animals”. And what a joy that is! This is life-changing for me." - H. L. Australia

Frequently asked questions:

When does the program start?

Students start throughout the year. ***You begin when you sign up!***


If I pay for the year in advance and change my mind can I get a refund?

No. There are no refunds. If you have any question about whether the program is for you join by the month first. It is natural for students to have doubts about their ability in the beginning of the program and also to think perhaps the timing of taking the program isn't right for them. Making a commitment by paying the tuition in full can assure a student follows through with their dream come true. As students move along in the program they oftentimes experience a profound sense of fulfillment making a difference for animals through their communication. 

​Where do I need to go to attend? 

Attendance is open to students WORLDWIDE. All you need is an internet connection. Access to class is simple through the click of a link (or you may dial in if you prefer). You may attend from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. The class meets on Zoom live video. Students may participate via voice-only if they prefer, or they may attend self-study via video recordings. 

What time is the class in my time zone?

Here's a helpful tool: Time Zone Converter   

The times listed for our classes are in Pacific Time. 

Is this a private class or a group class? If it is a group, how big is the group?

This is a group class comprised of students from around the world. Some class sessions may be small, with six or fewer students; others may be significant, with 20 or more students.


Do I need to have any experience or special skills? 

No experience or skills are necessary! Sometimes, previous training can be a temporary obstacle because humans are accustomed to thinking we must take many unnecessary steps, "work hard," and struggle with things. Telepathic animal communication is simple. It can be done instantly without any preparation.  Besides, you are already (perhaps unknowingly) doing it! I invite you to let me show you how simply you may do this.   

What if I cannot do it?

I have no doubt whatsoever in your ability, even though I may not know you. This is because I have not met anyone who cannot do this. Many people are convinced they cannot do this, but this is a natural ability we all have. I LOVE working with new students, experiencing their surprise and delight in discovering that suddenly they CAN communicate with any being easily. I invite you to allow me to show you!


What if I cannot attend all the classes? 

Attend as many as you can. You will receive the recording links for the classes. These can be a powerful tool to further your development and confidence. Let me know if you have scheduling challenges, as I often have creative solutions.

I live in Japan, and English is not my first language. My English is OK, but it is not great. I am concerned about understanding you and others and being understood.

In most cases, if you can speak some English after a few class sessions, any language concerns are forgotten. It can work amazingly well, and incredible transformations can occur. It may feel a little uncomfortable initially, but generally, it feels awkward for all students as they discover and develop new language and communication abilities. One of the many benefits of going for it in a case like this is that you can speak to animals, plants, and other beings in various languages and quickly develop your unique skills. You will also take your English language skills to a whole new place. I would be delighted to meet with you if you have any concerns about this program, including language concerns. I LOVE working with students who speak various languages, with English not being their first language. It is inspiring to have graduates able to work with clients in multiple languages and have the ability to talk with animals and beings of Nature. I would be happy to meet with you, and you may see how it is. And also you are invited to attend a class to experience that and then consider whether you would like to go for it. 

What happens in class? 

We communicate with numerous animals and engage in ways to develop skills, clarity, consistency, and confidence.

Isn't it better to meet in person?

NO! I have been meeting with clients and students worldwide by phone since 1997. There is no need to see animals we talk with. Not seeing them develops a communicator more quickly and deepens their communication skills. Seeing each other and the animals can be a distraction. In recent years, I have begun using live video for classes. We rarely see the animals we talk with as they are located worldwide in shelters, on the street, in Nature, and in people's homes. I must say I love to see the faces of my students, guests, and clients on the live videos. We do have animals walk in front of our computer screens, including my animals, and we love it and talk with some of them. Seeing brand new students light up as they communicate with the animals and beings of Nature (they have never seen before) is a delight! Being in person is unnecessary and not even favorable.

Are there any in-person classes or events I need to attend?

No, all classes and events involved with this program are accessible online. They are LIVE class sessions via Zoom, which can also be attended via recording links when it is impossible to participate in live classes.​

Is it possible to receive a certificate of completion for Animal Communication Essentials, Animal Communication Mini Workshop, and, or How To Talk With Animals?

Yes! If you sign up and want a certificate of completion, let me know. I would be happy to provide one. I am setting this up for students to receive certificates automatically, but currently, we offer them manually by request.

What if something happens that makes it so I must stop my training? Can I resume later on?

With Animal Communication Essentials, you may start and stop whenever you wish. You can do this alone or ask us, and we can assist you.

How long has this class been in existence?

This particular class was created early in 2000. It began as a six-week class and now is an ongoing class. You may stop and start your mentorship in Animal Communication Essentials whenever you like.


Learn to converse with animals of all species, including dogs, cats, horses, wild animals, dolphins, whales, plants, insects, and the Earth! Discover and develop your animal communication and nature communication ability while being part of an essential movement on our planet!

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