How it works


Telepathic Animal Communication makes it possible to dialog back and forth with animals on any topic, including:


  • health issues/wellness/treatment preferences

  • behaviors/training

  • rescue

  • food preferences/allergies/sensitivities/nutritional needs.

  • passing on

  • missing pets

  • activities/lifestyle/introduction of new family members

  • transitions/moves/travel

  • pain/what’s it like/what makes it better/worse

  • any topic of interest or importance

Welcome, My name is Maia Kincaid and I’m so happy you are here.

What is Telepathic Animal Communication and Telepathic Nature Communication? How is it helpful to Animals, people and our environment?


I have been talking with animals my entire life. People always told me I had a gift with animals because I often knew what would help them and how to be with them in ways they appreciated. I didn’t realize it was possible to actually have two-way conversations with animals until one afternoon I had a light bulb moment which forever changed the direction of my life. To my amazement and joy I discovered I could easily converse with animals just like talking with a fellow human being. I realized the animals had been talking with me all along and I had heard them I just didn’t know it.


Today I am known around the world as a pioneer in the field of telepathic animal communication.


Based on everything I have learned talking with animals and teaching animal communication since 1997: I know you can easily have two-way conversations with animals too!  


Chanella goat & Maia Kincaid Animal Comm