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How It Works

Hello, My name is Maia Kincaid. Welcome to Animal Communication World! I am delighted you are here! It is my passion and my mission to share the secrets to communicating telepathically with animals so all people have the profound fulfillment of making a difference for animals and all animals have the opportunity to be heard.

Would you LOVE to experience your natural ability to have two-way conversations with animals?! You can do it! Telepathic Animal Communication is way simpler than most people realize. I would love to share with you the simple, and deeply touching experience of communicating with animals. When I looked I discovered I was already communicating telepathically with animals I just didn't realize it! When it occurred to me that I was already doing it I was amazed at the clarity and ease I experienced communicating with animals. YOU ARE COMMUNICATING TELEPATHICALLY WITH ANIMALS ALREADY TOO! You just don't realize it! Would you like to experience it for yourself?! Once you experience it a whole new world is available to you. Imagine being able to talk with any animal, anytime, anywhere without any preparation whatsoever, and no matter what is going on!

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These books feature favorite conversations with animals, plants, trees, insects, and Mother Earth.

Do you have confusion or doubt about telepathic animal communication?

"Confusion and doubt are most often related to mistaken beliefs about what is required "in order to" communicate with animals. For instance, when students believe it is necessary to center themselves, quiet their minds, develop intuition or psychic ability, meditate, sit at an altar, fast, send and receive messages, teach the animals language (or any other thing), align chakras, walk around a tree a certain number of times, connect themselves to the animal with a cord, or stand on their heads "in order to" communicate telepathically with animals it is confusing. Because these practices are totally unnecessary and have NOTHING to do with telepathic animal communication. They are fine as a practice on their own but not as a means to communicate telepathically with animals. When students clear these mistaken beliefs communication happens right away and easily." Maia Kincaid 

For more clarity in your animal communication activities, the following books are suggested. Available by ebook instant download:
Animal Communication: Confusion To Clarity

Animal Communication: 5 Secrets to Mastery

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Animal communication has made so many things possible for me, including communication with my animals when they weren't feeling well when they passed on when they were in spirit when they were reincarnating when they wanted a change in food when they wanted to tell me something when they wanted to give me guidance in my life, etc., etc., etc... and the possibility to have a conversation throughout the day and night whenever we have the desire to talk. They also gave me the most joyous, fulfilling, fascinating, and delightful career being their voice and sharing with my fellow human beings how they too may easily communicate with their animals and any animal in the world anytime. 

Delight & Maia

I invite you to give animals and yourself the most beautiful gift there is - communication!!! 

See you in class! 



What is Telepathic Animal Communication?

There is a lot of confusion today about telepathic animal communication. My approach is unique. Most people today believe intuition and psychic ability are necessary "in order to" communicate with animals. The truth is intuition and psychic ability, or activities, ARE NOT NECESSARY AT ALL! In fact, these beliefs are the basis for most of the confusion people have about communicating with animals.


In my experience communicating with animals, and how I work with my students, there is a clear distinction between communication with animals versus intuition activities and psychic readings. I teach direct communication. Here and now, we dialogue back and forth with animals. There is no need to be confused about anything we hear from animals or worry about whether it is them we are hearing or ourselves. Anytime there is confusion all that is required is to simply ask the animal additional questions for clarity just like we would directly ask a fellow human being questions to understand what they are saying. In my classes we don't concern ourselves with intuition or being psychic, nor do we do any preparation before talking with animals. Instead, we just jump in and begin to dialog with animals just like we dialog with human beings. My new students, who have no prior experience, are able to make a difference for animals in their very first conversations.


Each one of us humans has varying degrees of awareness of our intuition. Clumping intuition and being psychic together with communication as if they are the same is the basis for confusion. If we think about it communication with a fellow human being doesn't require any awareness of our intuitive or psychic ability. Likewise, in communication with animals intuitive and psychic ability is not needed. A belief it is needed can put a person on a path of confusion and actually place an idea of I must do this... or have to have this ability... "in order to" communicate with animals. Unfortunately, many students have the experience of getting lost in these totally unnecessary "in order to's" and then don't find themselves available or open to simply having a dialog with an animal. Unfortunately, mistaken beliefs about animal communication result in animals not being heard.

Telepathic Animal Communication makes it possible to converse back and forth with animals on any topic, including:

  • health issues/wellness/treatment preferences

  • behaviors/training

  • rescue

  • food preferences/allergies/sensitivities/nutritional needs.

  • passing on

  • missing pets

  • activities/lifestyle/introduction of new family members

  • transitions/moves/travel

  • pain/what’s it like/what makes it better/worse

  • any topic of interest or importance

  • hear their insight into our own human lives

I have had a profound love of animals my entire life. People always told me I had a gift for working with animals because animals would act in unique ways around me. I often knew what would help animals and how to be with them in ways they appreciated without knowing how I knew these things. I didn’t realize it was possible to actually have two-way conversations with animals until one afternoon I had a light bulb moment that forever changed my life. I had what seemed like a random thought that perhaps I could simply say hello to an animal and just start talking and the animal or group of animals would reply and dialog back and forth with me. A few moments later I heard my dog Winston say hello to me in my head and we had the most delightful conversation. To my amazement and joy, I discovered I could easily converse with animals just like talking with a fellow human being. I realized the animals had been talking with me all along and I had heard them I just didn’t know it was the animals who were talking with me. This was a huge turning point for me because I was then able to reach out to them simply by saying hello. I was able to then easily ask them questions and dialog back and forth with any animal or groups of animals (plants, trees, insects, and the Earth too) anytime, from anywhere, and no matter what was going on. 


Since that day I have had the delight of showing my students how they may easily dialog back and forth with animals too. Many of my students are professional animal communicators. In my classes, we talk directly with lots of animals, and sometimes we talk with plants, insects, and Mother Earth too! 

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