Maia Kincaid is a pioneer in the field of Telepathic Animal Communication & Nature Communication, working with clients and students worldwide since 1997.

Maia is featured in the groundbreaking 2018 Full Length Feature Documentary Film on Animal Communication: BEING WITH ANIMALS

Students from around the world log into Maia's live classes right from the comfort of their homes. Students are guided in how to communicate with animals in real time (including their own animals and any animal from around the world in need). Students gain experience working with real cases in their first class sessions and learn they can be of service to animals and people in their own lives and with their own clients.

It is not necessary to meet with Maia in person, as a client or a student. One of the many benefits of Telepathic Animal Communication is that a difference can be made around the world without the need to be there in person.

Maia has lead Animal Communication and Nature Communication workshops around the world including: Japan 2017 & 2019, India 2016, Switzerland 2018, New York 2015, Sedona, Arizona 2017, 2018 and teaches Animal Communication community education classes for Yavapai Community College, Sedona, Arizona. 

Maia has the unique distinction of teaching animal communication through the ongoing guidance of the animals themselves; making her programs fun, playful and even magical because they are led with love, compassion and wisdom.

Our Mission is to assist each individual in awakening their innate animal communication and nature communication abilities. Our goal is all animals and beings of Nature (trees, plants, insects, the Earth) have their voice and help people find their purpose. What animals have to share is transformative for all life on the planet. We want their wisdom and love spread widely!

We are dedicated to training the finest Animal Communicators, Nature Communicators, and Veterinary Animal Communicators!  Communicating with animals, trees, plants, insects, and the Earth is fun and fulfilling. Communicating with beings of Nature makes a difference, provides a wonder-filled lifestyle, and is truly available to you!

Animal Communication and Nature Communication Books by Maia Kincaid 

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