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Animal Communication For Beginners ~ MiniWorkshop  

Accessible Worldwide via Zoom!
Communicate telepathically with animals in your very first class!

Maia Kincaid & Joey, Animal Communicatio

Maia & Joey

  • ​Accessible Worldwide 

  • A LIVE Online, 2 hour class

  • Step-by-step method to talk with any animal

  • Learn to have two-way dialogs with animals

  • Use the Video & Notes for Self Study 

Discover your natural ability to have two-way conversations with your dogs, cats, horses, any animals you would love to talk with!

"Maia, The class was incredible. You are opening new doorways for me. Each time your work becomes more real and my dream more of a reality. Thank you so much."  Judi Milin

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A student's comments on the Animal Communication class for beginners, Mini-Workshop:

"Dear Maia, What an experience! 


The benefits for me were: 

1) overcoming any skepticism; 

2) confidence that I can do it given time to build those muscles; 

3) thinking about the implications of this ability; 

4) and the desire to learn more and increase my ability. 

Thank you so very much.  I look forward to continuing on with you.

Your online facilitation skills are excellent! I have trained facilitators for close to 30 years. 

You demonstrate all the best practices.  Not everyone excels at them as they are not naturally empathic or empathetic like you are. You teach from the heart, soul, intuition, knowledge, and personal experience. The gifts you are offering the world are critical and valuable." 

Namaste, Barbara Johnson, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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Delight, Delight & Reba, Sedona, Arizona

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