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Nature Communication Mentoring/Certification Program!

Learn How To Communicate With Trees, Animals, Plants, Insects & the Earth!

No Previous Experience Is Necessary!  Accessible Worldwide By Zoom!

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Learn to:​

  • have dialogs with trees, animals, plants, insects, and the Earth.

  • talk with any animal, animal species, or group of animals anywhere

  • talk with plants, soil, insects, and garden products

  • talk with wild and rescued animals, and assist animals in need.

  • talk with extinct animals and plants and those threatened

  • talk with "invasive" species of animals and plants

  • talk with sea life (e.g.: whales, dolphins, coral reefs...).

  • talk with cells, organs & and organ systems, humans, animals, plants

  • travel remotely around the world and the universe

  • talk with angels, beings in question of existing (like Bigfoot, elves, gnomes)

  • talk with beings on the other side including animals and humans

  • communicate with yourself for clarity and understanding

  • talk with emotional body, spiritual body, physical body

  • incorporate nature communication into your everyday life.

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Scroll down for class meeting dates, tuition and to sign up

Nature Communication Conversation Topics

1. Earth Wellness. Conversations with Plants, Insects, Animals & the Earth on the current wellness status, including what we can do, based on their insight and wisdom, to make a tremendous difference.
2. Communication with species at risk of extinction. Including animals placed on and off protection lists, such as wolves. What is their stance? What is the most powerful place for humans to stand on their behalf? Includes communication with an extinct animal species.
3. Conversations with species thought to be invasive. From the Black bear who wanders into a neighborhood, to a plant or animal that takes over an island.
4. Rescuing animals, plants and the Planet. Where do they stand? Where do we stand?
5. Conversations with Nature to bring clarity to your purpose – guidance in the discovery of your true self. What is the unique expression that has you joyously effective in making a difference in the world, and living the lifestyle you love?
6. Controversial topics. Where does Nature stand on the topics dearest and nearest to you?
7. Guidelines for communicating with fellow human beings in the realm of Animal and Nature communication: with clients, acquaintances, family, friends and legislators.
8. How to work with personal doubt, getting stopped and how to overcome what may stand in the way of clear communication and the fulfillment of your dreams.
9. Nature communication as a career – a discovery of exciting new possibilities. Foundations in a new career and life!
10. How to empower yourself and others in your life and work.

Animal Communication

Tuition: $385/Month

Join for a 3, 6 or 12 Month Program

Nature communication Maia Kincaid Ph.D..

Nature Communication Mentoring/Certification Zoom Class Time and Dates:

Thursdays 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. PT, Pacific Time (California Time, US) What time is this for you?


2024 Dates: Jan 4, 11, 18  Feb 1, 8, 15  Mar 7, 14, 21  April 4, 11, 18  May 2, 9, 16  June 6, 13, 20, 27  July 4, 11, 18  

Aug 1, 8, 15  Sept 5, 19, 26  Oct 3, 10, 17, 31  Nov 7, 14  Dec 5, 12, 19

Thank you for the difference you make through your passion for Animal and Nature communication!

Frequently asked questions:

When does the program start?

Students start any time during the year.

*Your Program Begins When You Sign Up!*


​Where do I need to go to attend? 

Attendance is open to students WORLDWIDE. All you need is an internet connection. Access to class is simple through the click of a link (or you may dial in if you prefer). You may attend from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. The class meets on live video. Students may attend via voice-only if they prefer. 

What time is the class in my time zone?

Here's a helpful tool: Time Zone Converter   

The times listed for our classes are in Pacific time. 

Is this a private class, or a group class? If it is a group, how big is the group?

Included in your tuition when you sign up you receive a couple of private one-on-one 60-minute training sessions by phone or live video with me. Throughout the year if you have questions or get stuck let me know and we can have a short meeting or work in class, or via email. Generally, challenges are quickly resolved and breakthroughs in communication are experienced. Class size varies from 5 - 6 students to more than 20. The dynamic nature of the class with students joining throughout the year produces extraordinary results with new students quickly experiencing their abilities and continually developing them through having a passionate and supportive community of communicators.


Do I need to have any experience or special skills? 

No experience or skills are necessary! Sometimes previous training can be a temporary obstacle because we humans are accustomed to thinking we need to take a lot of extra unnecessary steps and "work hard" and struggle with things. The communication is actually so easy and effortless. It can be done instantly without any preparation.  Besides you are already (perhaps unknowingly) doing it! I invite you to let me show you how simply you may do this.   

What if I cannot do it?

I have no doubt whatsoever in your ability even though I may not know you. The reason for this is that I have not met anyone who cannot do this. There are many people convinced they cannot do this but this is a natural ability we all have. I LOVE working with new students experiencing their surprise and delight in discovering suddenly they CAN communicate with any being easily. I invite you to allow me to show you!


What if I cannot attend all the classes? 

Attend as many as you can. You will receive the recording links for the classes. These can be used as a powerful tool to further your development and build your confidence. If you have scheduling challenges let me know as I often have creative solutions.

I live in Japan and English is not my first language. My English is OK, but it is not great. I am concerned about understanding you and others and being understood.

In most cases, if you can speak some English after a few class sessions any language concerns are forgotten. It can work amazingly well and incredible transformations can occur. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first but generally, it feels uncomfortable for all students as they are discovering and developing new language and communication abilities. One of the many benefits of going for it in a case like this is that you can speak to the animals, plants, and other beings in the various languages you speak and quickly develop your unique skills. You will also take your English language skills to a whole new place. I would be delighted to meet with you if you have any concerns about this program including language concerns. I LOVE working with students who speak various languages with English not being their first language. It is very exciting to have graduates able to work with clients in various languages and have the ability to talk with animals and beings of Nature. I would be happy to meet with you and you may see how it is and also you are invited to attend a class to experience that too and then consider whether you would like to go for it or not. 

What actually happens in class? Is it possible for me to attend a class session to see what it is like?

Yes, please request to join a class session as my guest. Be My Guest

All classes are organic. Anytime you have a request to talk with an animal or being of Nature we can do that in a class session. I guide students step-by-step in how to do the communication and anytime there are questions as we communicate those are addressed and tools and insight shared can be immediately applied to your communication and results immediately experienced. We communicate live and in the moment, nothing is scripted. This is an "on the job" training program where you function in a way as an intern. New students quickly forget concerns about being new because they are immediately communicating. Instead of being concerned, they begin to experience fascination for what they are learning and delight at how well they do and how simple it really is. Generally, we work with urgent cases first. New students can experience making a difference in the very first class session. The program is animal-designed with the mission to have communicators equipped to make a difference for animals and beings of Nature, (including human beings) on their own after the first class. It is like class participants have their own businesses (many set them up and work concurrently with their programs) and receive guidance and support along the way in how to navigate the communication, and how to work with people. It is not necessary to have the desire to have your own animal or nature communication business but you will be assisting others one way or another because it just happens. You will receive training along the way (as a natural part of the program design) in how to work with people, clients, family, friends, and those who are skeptical.  I am committed to your development and standing on your own as a professional to do this work if you wish. One way or another you will do the work. Some people do it from their own communication adventures opening hearts and expanding the consciousness of humanity. Others do the same and work with individuals through appointments classes and teaching groups as professional communicators in the world.

Isn't it better to meet in person?

NO! Actually, I have been meeting with clients and students from around the world by phone for nearly 25 years. There is no need to see animals we talk with. In fact not seeing them develops a communicator more quickly and deepens their communication skills. Seeing each other and the animals can be a distraction. In recent years I have begun using live video for classes. We still rarely see the animals we talk with as they are located around the world in shelters, on the street, out in Nature, and in people's homes. I must say I love to see the faces of my students, guests, and clients on the live videos. We do have animals walk in front of our screens including my own animals and we love it and talk with some of them. Seeing brand new students light up as they communicate with the animals and beings of Nature (they have never seen before) is a delight! Being in person is absolutely unnecessary and not even favorable. Being in person can be valuable too but is unnecessary.

Are there any in-person classes or events I need to attend?

No, all classes and events involved with this program are accessible online. They are LIVE class sessions which can also be attended via recording links when it is not possible to attend.

Will I learn how to communicate telepathically with my own animals in class?

Yes! You will become proficient in communicating with your own animals and any other animal you talk with. For instance, other people animal family members, animals at shelters, animals in the wild, living in the oceans, at sanctuaries, etc., etc. Also, you will be talking, on a regular basis, with animals who have passed on, including your own precious animal family members. 

Is it possible to receive a certificate of completion for Animal Communication Essentials, Animal Communication Mini Workshop, and, or How To Talk With Animals?

Yes! If you attend or plan to attend and would like a certificate of completion let me know. I would be happy to provide one at your completion. I am setting this up for students to automatically receive certificates but currently, we provide them manually by request. Since How To Talk With Animals and Animal Communication Essentials are ongoing classes you will need to attend for a certain number of sessions to receive a certificate. Let me know if you have questions on this.

What if something happens during the year that makes it so I need to stop my training? Can I resume later on?

Unexpected things come up for us in life. In many cases, it actually works well to continue attending class. Students have an idea they need to have a quiet, peaceful time to do the program and they need to quiet their minds and be peaceful to talk with animals. This is NOT true! There is no need whatsoever to quiet the mind in order to communicate with animals or beings of Nature (or humans). If we needed to curtail our communications in times of stress we would rarely talk as human beings. Communication makes things possible, it brings clarity and peace to our minds and to other minds. Our human lives can be hectic and unexpected things can come up. The animals and beings of Nature teach us how to deal with challenges we face and in many situations doing the program amidst challenges is ideal. Ultimately the goal is to be able to communicate with any being, anytime, under any circumstance. This is totally achievable by all students as long as they are willing to believe it is possible. Obviously, there are situations where continuing is absolutely not possible. In those cases, the program can be terminated and the possibility of returning at a later date is a consideration of course.

What is actually required for me to receive my certification?

The important elements of certification: Demonstration of your natural ability, attendance of class sessions (let me know if the schedule is a problem as sometimes solutions can be found to make it work), and development of your self-awareness with your communication, developing compassion with your colleagues and those you communicate for, understanding of the position you are in being able to communicate, and respect for how you can make a difference for others through use of your communication abilities. All of these happen automatically by attending and continually saying yes to having conversations with animals and beings of Nature. As you go along feel free to check in on how you are doing, ask questions, and share any concerns.

How long has this mentoring/certification program been in existence?

This particular program was created in 2011. I have been teaching Animal and Nature communication since 1997.


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