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Be My Guest In An Animal Communication Class!

Accessible Worldwide via the Internet!

Attend a live class session led by Maia Kincaid from the comfort of your home.

Dear Maia, Thank you so much for having me as a guest in your class. I really enjoyed the session and it was lovely hearing all the messages that animals were communicating to the students. Really appreciate you and the great work that you do. Also, there is something so calm, beautiful and divine, just in the way that you conducted the class. Attending it was therapeutic for me :) With lots of love, Divya, India

        Maia Kincaid and the dog Elbi
  • Experience Animal Communication In Action!

  • Listen in, ask questions.

  • If there is time they may ask to talk with one of your animals.

See what it is like to be in an animal communication training session with a group of certification program students. 

We plan to have guests join us in class beginning again in May 2021. Please check back to sign up. 

2021 Class Meeting Dates To Choose From: 

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Choose a date and you will receive an email with details to attend. If your schedule changes and you cannot make it to class, not to worry, just choose another date.

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Comments from guests:

"Hi Maia, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a guest in class. I think it is a great idea to allow new people to have a sneak peek at what you are doing and participate... It helps a lot to have a better idea of your work. I was very happy about the accuracy of the answers of your students as well... Their communications and messages gave me much greater peace of mind and confidence in dealing with my 2 adored cats..." Anna A. 

"Dear Maia, Thank you for an amazing session. Ever since I discovered telepathic communication is an ability we possess, it was my dream to meet and learn from you, observe you communicate. 

I am so happy to have experienced your energy personally today. The doubts about my abilities that keep coming in really got a big set back communicating alongside with you in this session.

Having you and everyone else communicate with my dog gave me a lot of confidence about being on the right path and little bit more clarity on things that seemed confusing. Every single input is a valuable insight for us and I would request you to please convey my gratitude to each person present in the class.

Manjiri (Manjiri Latey) mentioned that she has been trying to get you over to India since long and 2020 just might be our lucky year :) I am very much looking forward to meeting you in person...more so after this virtual introduction!

Once again many thanks for having me join as a guest in your class and for communicating with my dog.

Love and Regards," Molly, India

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