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Animal Communication ~ Rates for Appointments with Maia Kincaid

Meet Maia by Phone, LIVE Online Video, Or In-Person.

Schedule an Appointment, a Private Class, or a Meeting.

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Learn More About Telepathic Animal & Nature Communication (no charge)

Schedule A Prospective Student Meeting (no charge)

Appointment Rates (by live online video, telephone, or in person):

Quarter hour appointment: $95
Half hour appointment: $185 
One hour appointment: $350

Appointment Savings! ~ Monthly Subscription:

Monthly appointment, quarter hour via teleconference: $80
Monthly appointment, half hour via teleconference: $150 per month
Monthly appointment, three quarter hour via teleconference: $225 per month
Monthly appointment, one hour appointment via teleconference: $300 per month

Animal Communication Training:
Please also visit: Animal Communication Class List

Private animal/nature communication class via teleconference: $395
Private animal/nature communication class in person: $450

In Person Appointments:

In person hour consult: $425
In person half hour consult: $245

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