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I am currently not available for appointments. I encourage you to reach out to one of my 

colleagues who have developed their animal communication expertise over the years in my classes and certification programs. ANIMAL COMMUNICATORS

I AM TAKING NEW STUDENTS! If you have questions about how classes work, why not join a class or two to see what it is all about. You will discover you can talk with any animal, anywhere in the world, including your own animal family members. You will learn by doing, why not jump in and experience your natural ability and how straightforward and simple it really is! If you would like to work with me please sign up for one of my classes. ANIMAL COMMUNICATION CLASSES

I would love to show you the natural gift you have to carry on, your own, two way conversations with animals.

My passion and my mission is that All animals are heard, understood and known. Can you imagine all animals having their voice?! This may seem impossible especially with all the animal abuse in the world today, but the animals tell me there is only a certain percentage of human beings who need to engage in learning to communicate with animals and then all human beings will suddenly begin to hear the animals. When we know (hear) the animals we LOVE them! (We cannot harm them!) You know the animals, and you hear them already. You may not realize at this moment how amazing a listener you are. 

I would LOVE to have the opportunity to guide you in experiencing your own innate ability to have two way conversations with animals. You will be so surprised at how truly simple and straightforward the communication actually is. You can talk with the animals you have with you now and those who have passed on, and any animal in the world you would love to talk with.


Animals LOVE any opportunity to engage in conversation with a human being. As an Animal Communicator, I live the most delightful life communicating with animals around the world on a daily basis and experiencing their profound sense of gratitude and love for what I provide them by taking moments to talk with them. Their lives often transform from being heard and so does mine. My life is enriched through having one fascinating conversation after another. I would LOVE to share this with you! You will experience this in class and outside of class in your own communications too.


For me to achieve my goal of ~ All animals being heard, understood and known ~ I am out to reach as many people as possible so that the animals will be heard. Each person who discovers they can communicate will share with others and so on. This has been happening for many years already hence so many new animal communicators on the scene. It's time to really accelerate this.


I would LOVE to have the opportunity to share with you the profound delight animals experience when we hear them and how alive and joyous we humans feel bringing love and kindness to animals, oftentimes ones we have never met in person before but have had an engaging telepathic dialog with. 

Do you have questions about what we can talk with animals about, or other questions about animal communication? Go to FAQ

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