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Thank You For Bringing Animals Their Voice!

Thank you for your love of animals and your desire for them to be heard, and treated with love, respect, and kindness! Whether you know it or not, because of your love for Animals and Nature, you have been a part of a powerful movement over the years supporting animals having their voice. Today more people are discovering their natural ability to communicate with animals and animal communication is becoming known worldwide. This is truly an exciting time! Thank you so much for your partnership!

A special thanks to my clients for your continued support over the past 26 years in scheduling talks with your animals. Because of our conversations with your animals, I have been fortunate to be able to provide some scholarships to extraordinary students who are now making a difference for animals and their people around the world through their animal and nature communication work.

Donations to Animal Communication World ~ Animal Communication School fund training for deserving students who may otherwise not have the opportunity to attend classes. Some students don't have the means to pay tuition, acquire a computer or a smartphone, or access the Internet. We are a for-profit organization so donations are not tax deductible. Donations open doors and windows to new worlds for students, animals, and people. Students experience a profound sense of gratitude for the opportunity to communicate with animals and have a career that fulfills them and makes a tremendous difference in the world. Through your support, we have the opportunity to have more conversations that inspire and educate us humans in living in harmony, peace, and gratitude with one another and with Nature. Thank you!

With Love & Gratitude,

Maia Kincaid

100% of donations go to scholarships for students

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