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Cat Litter Box Challenge Solutions

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Thai & Kato

Probably the most difficult situation a cat lover faces is their kitty peeing or pooping around the home instead of in a litter box. There may be appropriate litter boxes available for the cat but for one or more reasons the cat chooses to do their business outside the litter box.

Unfortunately, according to Dr. Elsey a cat veterinarian, these kinds of challenges can lead to misunderstandings that may result in cats being homeless, abandoned or abused. Here is a free download from Dr. Elsey he created to educate cat lovers on preferences cats have for living their lives with us. The information and solutions offered in this booklet may be helpful for resolving these kinds of challenges so cats and their people can love their lives together. Please share this download to help others find understanding and harmony with their kitties.

In my animal communication classes we often communicate with cats because their people are dealing with a cat peeing and, or pooping outside the litter box. It works well to ask the cat many questions including about if they love the type of litter being used, do they love the litter box, are there are enough litter boxes, do they love the litter box location, do they love the litter box style (ie covered, open, etc), and do they love the cleanliness of the box(s)? We humans have many ideas about what cats would like best. Of course each cat is unique and each situation. Oftentimes people think cats prefer to hide away while doing their business. Some cats like an isolated location but others prefer their litter box be situated right in the middle of activity.

In some cases, people have their cats as indoor-outdoor cats, and the cats are meant to do their business outdoors but they may be spraying, peeing, and, or pooping indoors instead. You are encouraged to be patient with yourself and the cat you talk with. Ask lots of questions to help you understand what is going on. Sometimes there may be numerous factors causing the cat to have this kind of behavior. You can ask the person questions too to know what they have tried and what the situation is in the home. Sometimes people hear the requests of their cats and follow through with them but just don't give it enough time for the positive results to be seen. We humans often move on to another idea if there isn't an immediate improvement. We can have ideas the litter box is clean enough but it may not be clean enough for the cat. Sometimes cats want to talk about other things including giving advice to their people. Doing their business outside the litter box can be an effective way to get their persons attention so a conversation can be had. Cats can be very particular about the scent of cat litter. They generally dislike artificial perfumes and fragrances to cover up litter box smell. I often hear cats request natural sand. They love the softness of fine sand and sometimes it feels nice and warm on the pads of their feet too. Playground sand can be purchased at hardware stores or you may find a source of some natural sand where you live. Cats can be very particular about how the litter feels for them to walk on. Some litters can be painful to a kitty who has particularly tender soft paws. One of my kitties asked for a litter called Pawsensitive from Dr. Elsey brand cat litter. My husband and I love a cat litter called The World's Best Cat Litter. It is totally natural, has very minimal dust and something about it makes it so the litter boxes have a good smell. This litter miraculously clumps the urine up on the top surface of the litter so that the urine doesn't touch the litter box surface on the bottom. This way the boxes stay really clean whereas, with other cat litter, the urine absorbs into the plastic and needs to be deep cleaned on a regular basis. We appreciate Dr. Elsey a cat specialist veterinarian who is dedicated to saving the lives of cats and helping us learn what they want and what makes them most content living with us so they happily use their litter boxes. In the list of resources below you will find a free booklet written by Dr. Elsey you may download. Please share the booklet so others have access to information to assist people and their cats.

Here are some resources for cats:

1. Cat Litter and Cat Litter Box Solutions from a Cat Veterinarian:

2. Here's the free download from Dr. Elsey with helpful information to resolve litter box challenges (going outside the box). This is a great resource to share with friends, family, and online, social media, your website, etc to help save the lives of cats. Cats who don't use their litter boxes are often abandoned and, or abused.

3. World's Best Cat Litter

4. Here's a company that has fresh herbs cats love. I ordered from them and have four cats giving 5 (out of five) star ratings. (There are other great companies.)

Thank you for your love of animals and the difference you make for them by allowing them to inform you about themselves, life itself, and about you through your conversations with them.



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