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Cat Reincarnates After Animal Communication For Beginners Zoom Class!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Would you love to discover your natural ability to have two-way conversations with animals?

If you don't already realize you can EASILY have dialogs with animals, ~ In class, you will discover your ability was right there in front of you all along. Animals communicate with you already; you often respond to their requests and know what they want and how they are doing. You just don't realize it yet!

In Animal Communication Zoom Class for Beginners last Saturday, September 9th, the new students effectively communicated with 16 animals. One of the cats we talked with who had passed away recently said he was very eager to reincarnate. He asked his person to take some specific actions. She wrote today to share that right after class she stayed at her computer and followed through with her kitty's requests. She was able to talk with him effectively on her own after class. Her kitty shared with her that he was at the local animal shelter in his new form waiting for her to come get him. She went right over, recognized him immediately in his new form, and brought him home. She is ecstatic having her beloved boy back with her and so easily and quickly after we talked with him earlier that same day.

In Animal Communication Zoom Class for Beginners on August 26th, we talked with at least 10 class members animals. One student shared how her dog is now riding peacefully and happily in the car since we talked with him that day in class. During our conversation with him, we learned why he felt uncomfortable in the car and what would make it so he could feel safe and enjoy the ride. His person is super happy with the result of our conversation with her dog.

My passion and mission is to share the secrets to communicating EASILY and EFFECTIVELY with animals.

Join me in my next Zoom Class this Friday, September 15th, from 3 PM - 5 PM Pacific Time.

Tuition: $35

No preparation and no previous experience are necessary. It is not required to have any animals living there with you.

In class, you will:

  • Learn it is best just to be yourself when communicating with animals. Self-absorbed activities like quieting the mind, centering, aligning chakras, and trying to read the animal's mind distract and confuse communicators. Being present with another takes a back seat when we are focused on ourselves.

  • Be guided step by step in communicating with animals

  • Have effective communication with your animals and classmates' animals

  • Communicate with animals who have passed on if students would like to talk with any animals who have passed on

What's included:

  • 2 hour Live Zoom class being lovingly guided by Maia Kincaid

  • Video and Audio recording of class

  • Suggestions as to how to continue developing skills and confidence in communicating with animals

My cat kids, Baby Thai & Kato

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