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Sedona International School for Animal &

Nature Communication/Animal Communication University

Developing Animal Communicators & Nature Communicators Worldwide Since 1997!

Distance learning programs accessible worldwide!







Our Mission 

The mission of The Sedona International School for Animal & Nature Communication/Animal Communication University is to assist as many people as possible in awakening their innate animal & nature listening and communication abilities. This is important for three reasons. One: So that all animals and beings of nature (trees, plants, insects, the Earth) have their voice! Secondly, people find their true purpose and literally come to life when they have conversations with animals and beings of nature! New possibilities are seen, dreams come true! We LOVE this! And, thirdly, what the animals have to share is transformative for all life on the planet. We want their wisdom and love spread widely! That means we need people to awaken their innate listening ability and begin to play and love life! (that’s what happens when we listen and learn from them!)

We are dedicated to launching new Animal Communicators, new Nature Communicators, and new Veterinary Animal Communicators! There is a growing need for animal, nature & veterinary communicators! Doing work that is fun and fulfilling, makes a difference for others (especially animals!), and provides a great lifestyle, and is truly available to you!



About the School

The school was developed out of The Animal Listening Project, which was inspired by the animals as they worked with Maia Kincaid Ph.D. in the early days of her animal communication classes to coach and guide her in how to teach animal communication. The animals assured Maia that ALL humans had the natural ability to carry on conversations with them so why not proceed in a manner to facilitate fellow humans discovery and development of their natural gifts. The classes and programs of The Sedona International School for Telepathic Animal & Nature Communication are designed for animal lovers of all interests and are animal guided. Whether it is your dream to be a Professional Animal Communicator or to utilize telepathic animal communication in your veterinary practice or other animal work, or you simply want to become aware of and develop your ability to talk with your dog, cat, horse or other animal and listen to him or her, you will be amazed at the experience you receive in the programs and how fun and fulfilling it is to have conversations with animals!

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