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2015 Time for Global Action for People & Planet!!! Yea!!!

| Sep 23, 2015 | Animal Communication in Action!, You are invited! |

Since May I have been learning more and more about the work of the United Nations and some exciting new developments for Nature and nations uniting for the good of all peoples and life on the planet! My new Nature Communication student, Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska has been working in relation to the UN for much of her life. For all the years she has been associated with the United Nations she has never been so inspired by what is going on there as she is now in 2015. Her inspiration is contagious to me and working with her to talk with the Earth and species on the planet to learn ways to live in harmony and respect with all life is my mission too! So, seeing my passion for communication with animals, plants, insects and the Earth being applied in this way, in her work with the United Nations, delights me no end!

I invite you to check out this website and what’s happening at the United Nations this week!!!

Writings from the website!

2015 is the Time for Global Action

2015 presents a historic and unprecedented opportunity to bring the countries and citizens of the world together to decide and embark on new paths to improve the lives of people everywhere. These decisions will determine the global course of action to end poverty, promote prosperity and well-being for all, protect the environment and address climate change.

In 2015, countries will adopt a new sustainable development agenda and a new global agreement on climate change. The actions taken in 2015 are expected to result in new sustainable development goals that build on the eight Millennium Development Goals. Explore this site to find out more about the efforts of the UN and its partners to build a better world.

Maia Kincaid Ph.D. & Lisinka Ulatowska Ph.D.

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