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A Student Overcomes Doubt

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

It is an interesting world to live in where I know ALL human beings have the natural ability to EASILY communicate telepathically with animals. But not every person has the desire to have two-way dialogs with animals, or the belief it is possible, or the understanding they can do it whether they believe it is possible or not.

From my experience there is no limitation to communication between any human being and any animal no matter where they are in the world and no matter what is going on. They don't even have to have met before. The communication can be a profound dialog back and forth between a person and an animal (or a person and a tree, or a plant, or an insect or the Earth).

I think of telepathic animal communication as the language of love. Love conquers all! Love has no limitations. The only thing which ever gets in the way of communication/love is human doubt. When we doubt ourselves we tend to be experiencing some kind of fear. We tend to pull back and stop engaging. It may not be an intense fear or anything distinct but it can stop us from moving forward with something we have a deep desire to experience and know. Doubting thoughts can have us give up on our dreams because when we feel doubtful we tend to feel low, confused and concerned about getting it right. We feel low about ourselves. Love is what gets us unstuck and back in communication. It starts with noticing we are in doubt and choosing to transform that right there in the moment. Choosing to be compassionate with ourselves in the face of doubt can actually bring a sense of ease and release of our frustration for ourselves. In an instant we may remember the sweetness of our strong desire to make a difference and the courage we have had over the years. We remember our dreams yet to be fulfilled and the joy and the drive we have to accomplish them. We may remember times in the past where we took an action we didn't know possible. After reflecting for a moment on who we are and what makes us feel good about ourselves and our lives there is the opportunity to have renewed enthusiasm for our dream and feeling more unstoppable even than before. Love of self, compassion, patience, joy in being and being attentive to ones emotions and physical wellbeing can take us immediately from doubt to inspiration.

What inspired me to write this post today was reading my student, Annette Hadaway's blog called: "Transforming Doubt". She wrote this blog about her journey overcoming doubt as she was attending my Animal Communication Certification Program.

Read the entire blog here: Transforming Doubt in Animal Communication and Nature Communication

Annette's words:

"After my third class as a guest, I knew Maia’s one-year certification program was for me.