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Animal Communication & Cassie Miracle Horse

Comments from Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska about Maia Kincaid:

Many indigenous peoples, pastoralists and people who live close to the land depend for their livelihoods and well being to be able to understand the signs Nature is giving. 

There are also many young children who are conscious of their capacity to communicate with Nature from an early age and some remain conscious of this capacity as adults. Many adults communicate with their pets. Princess Irene of the Netherlands wrote a book on communicating with trees. 

Maia Kincaid, PhD, founded the Sedona International School for Animal & Nature Communication. She has focussed on bringing Animal & Nature Communication to the World since 1997. She and her graduates assist individuals in the (re)discovery of their natural ability to communicate directly with animals, plants, trees, sea creatures, fishes, insects and the Earth. This type of communication is useful in enhancing the vitality of plants, warding off unwanted insects and invasive plants and showing the vast unexpected prospects that open up when humans do indeed begin to communicate sensitively with Nature.

As a child Maia, like so many young children, would carry on two-way telepathic conversations with animals, plants and insects. Unlike most, she rediscovered her natural ability in her twenties and has been carrying on numerous telepathic conversations each day ever since. She is now recognized as a pioneer in the field of telepathic animal and Nature communication. Clients around the world have asked her to talk with their animals, and also plants, the soil, insects and the Earth; and have brought her to their countries to give workshops to people with pets. 

Maia Kincaid is convinced that ALL human beings have the natural capacity to communicate telepathically with the life around them. 

This understanding is the principle upon which the Sedona International School for Animal & Nature Communication was founded.