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ALL Animals Will Have Their Voice!

I was chatting with Delight my dear friend (horse) on 6-1-19. Delight had just made his transition of life on May 22, 2019. We talk everyday just as we always have, but he knew I was devastated at the loss of his physical presence. I knew him for 32 years (he was 3 when we found each other). He wanted to encourage me that our dream is coming true.

Delight Jan 23, 2019 Sedona, AZ Maia Kincaid

All human beings will know they can communicate with Animals (Plants, Trees, Insects and the Earth).

He assured me he is right there at my side ~ always. Here's what he said:

"Remember there will be a turning point where all human beings will know they can have a conversation with a tree or a dog. This day is coming soon! Let's celebrate it and bring it forth knowing one day soon maybe when you least expect, and maybe while you are talking with that little tree frog, all your fellow human beings, everywhere around the world, will suddenly know they have the capacity to do the same. The long awaited dream will be a reality in an instant and humans will remember/realize they had the ability all along. They won't look back, instead they will dive right in and start having conversation after conversation and life will transform beautifully." from Delight, horse, Sedona, AZ 6-1-19

Thank you, Delight! I LOVE you boy!

To my AWESOME students around the world:

We never know what will cause humanity to shift, it could be something each of you write or say, or that next time you are talking with an animal hearing what they wish for us humans to awaken to. Maybe hearing what's possible from the animals will be heard by fellow humans. These are all ways we transform consciousness helping to lift fears and inspire love and respectful relations with all beings of life. Every conversation you have makes a difference.

Thanks to each of you for being my partners in animals having their voice! Thank you for giving life her voice!



Here's our future! Looking adorable, loving and ready to transform the world for all animals, all beings! Thank you for being a part of the adventure learning from our conversations with Animals, Plants, Insects & the Earth.

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