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As an animal communicator what would I tell the world?

Sedona International School for Animal Communication ~ Maia Kincaid

I received this lovely email from Karen Kohl who is one of my awesome animal communication students:

As an animal communicator what would I tell the world?

I would tell the world that the animal kingdom has been waiting for us. They WANT to dialog. They have stories to tell. They have ideas to share. Some of them know us better than we know ourselves. Communicating with animals gives us the path to not only understanding their condition but also the human condition…yes, they are that intelligent.

Let me briefly share my story. I was interested in Maia’s class because of my elderly Peruvian Paso, Milagro, who was on his last legs. I knew he was a proud, old soul and wanted to honor his wishes as to treatment and end of life. In order to do that, I wanted to hear it from him: thus I needed to learn to communicate. And Maia’s class helped me to just that. It was a joyous, profound experience to communicate with Milagro the last few weeks of his life. I journaled his messages. The beauty is that I did not have to be present. We could be miles apart and his sweet soul would talk to me. Our friendship deepened to a level that is truly beyond description and goes beyond the grave. We still communicate to this day.

So, my challenge to you is to check it out. The journey that I thought was going to lead me to only one has led me to many. If you had told me 6 months ago that I’d be communicating with animals I’ve never met, animals from around the world, departed animals or even insects who want to tell me where they’ve been all winter, I would have wondered what planet you were from.

Animal communication is for anyone and everyone. Whether you want to communicate with your pet, your farm animals, shelter pets, the yappy dog across the street or that orphaned elephant you saw on a TV program, you can do it. Yes, you might feel foolish…we’re culturally conditioned to not believe in our ability to commune with animals but, believe me when I tell you, it only takes being able to communicate with one animal for you to understand the beauty in the phrase “we are all one.”

We listen, we give voice to all animals who haven’t had a voice, and we join a community of folks who did not accept their cultural conditioning…and began making a big difference…for one or for many.

Written by Karen from Maia Kincaid's Animal Communication Certification Program 8/14/2019

Maia - this writing just came to me. I didn't realize I was writing it as though I had my own blog or as testimonial to your classes, it just came out that way. Feel free to use any of it. What a journey. LOVE IT   Karen.

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