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Choose Love

Choose Love, An Article by Dr. Bera Dordoni, N.D.

I love ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness, love, releasing old baggage and negative beliefs, and embracing the divinity within ourselves. I love it even more when its concepts are validated by a dog.

According to Kanoe, a dog who spoke to her human through animal communicator Maia Kincaid in Dogs Say the Darndest Things, all living beings on this planet are connected. We share a ”collective mind.” And from her canine perspective, human actions are negatively affecting the planet.

Humans, Kanoe says, tend to respond in a like manner: they match rudeness with rudeness and cruelty with cruelty, and are always bringing the past into the present to express it again. This approach doesn’t share and nurture light upon the planet; instead, it perpetuates darkness and fear. That’s because humans also tend to operate from fear, not love.

Dogs love. Sure, they know primal fear, as all sentient creatures do. But unless they’ve been horribly abused or neglected, they mostly live in tail-wagging, face-licking love, throw-the-ball-throw-the-ball-throw-the-ball love.

Now, environmental and animal-rights organizations may have honorable, even Divine intentions, Kanoe says, but individual people’s actions on behalf of those organizations mostly originate from fear. They’re afraid if they don’t act, if they don’t do their part—and I mean right now!—it could spell doom for millions of animals—maybe even for the Earth itself.

Think about it. Did you become vegan because you want to help save the planet? Has the harm humans have done to this world become more than you can bear? Are you so furious you want to join a protest, so outraged you’ve become an activist, so ready to take action you’re armed and prepared to battle all the bad guys—not just corporations that promote GMOs, but anyone else who’s destroying our planet, all, you’ve decided, in the name of greed?

Harm. Furious. Protest. Outrage. Armed. Battle. Destroy. Greed. Do any of those words portray an attitude of love to you?