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Conversation With The Corona Virus!

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

What's an Animal & Nature Communicator to do on St. Patrick's Day during times of the Corona Virus? Go for a hike of course! Nature heals! After I returned I sat down to have another conversation with the Corona Virus. Here's our dialog:

Maia said: Hello Corona Virus

Corona Virus said: Hello!

Maia said: Since I talk with animals, plants, insects, cells, organs, bacteria and viruses on a regular basis I have had numerous people asking me to talk with you. And, of course you know I have talked with you on my own ever since I heard about you and I have also enlisted my awesome students to talk with you in class as well.

Maia said: Corona Virus I would love to talk with you now to learn more about you and how we humans may proceed in our lives in your presence.

Corona Virus said: Here’s what I would love to say. You have heard it many times from many sources and now you have an opportunity to learn it first hand through experiencing a direct threat to your species. I am not evil in myself and it is NOT my intention to cause harm or to elicit fear and upset among you. I am here because you asked me to be here. You have been calling for a quieter time. You have been asking for a rest from your stress-filled days. You have asked for more peace and simple joys to be experienced on a daily basis. You have asked to experience feeling purposeful and useful and appreciated for who you are. You all have asked to experience love, kindness, strength and patience. Your species is on a road to wreckage. I am here to divert you in the path you are heading down. I am here to give understanding and appreciation for what is truly important in your lives. I am here to remind you what life is all about. You now have a time of quiet and contemplation and reflection like you would never imagine creating. I encourage you to go inward, and appreciate these times while you have them. This is a time I encourage you to stay in, rest deeply (you need it!). Rest for your life, complete things of the past, forgive one another come together in your hearts (not in person). Use your technology to stay in touch.

Work with yourself to manage your fears. What you are learning is to live in the moment. Living in the moment is not knowing what is in the next moment. It is living fully celebrating life ~ just being. Step outside, go for a walk. Allow the trees, plants and animals to guide you and to love you. Love them. Be grateful for what you have.

Corona Virus said: What this is all about is living in the moment and loving one another as your family. What you have forgotten is that what is good for one person must be good for another. If something you want or you do is harmful for others including animals, plants, insects and Earth, then it is ultimately in the long run harmful for you too. You are killing yourselves, I am not killing you.

Corona Virus said: We (the virus) don’t despise you and we don’t want to harm you. We LOVE you! The way you humans are living is not sustainable. It is not real, and it is not loved even by you. It is out of the realm of natural harmony. It is out of the realm of nature. You are nature! You are the corona virus. You are the Buddha. You are Christ. You are cancer. You are influenza. You are a vibrant healthy being! You are everything! You, each one of you, encompass all the possibilities and all the expressions of life. You have good hearts. You have good minds. We want to help you STOP, help you pause and reflect and regroup, individually and together as a species. This is a time to go inward and catch up on your rest. Put yourselves and your homes and lives in order. Catch up on the really important things, the things you long to do but never have the time, energy or inspiration. Rest first then rejuvenate and recreate. It is time for you to have your voice again and to be a part of creating your tomorrows. Here’s an example. What is deep in your core is the desire to be of service to another, to do something truly good from your heart. This means thinking of others, it means thinking as a human community being sure all have what they need to thrive. An example now would be not to clean the shelves at the grocery store but instead to take only what you need. As the shelves are cleaned of food and supplies those who had no chance to get their share are in distress and fear. Those clearing shelves are in fear and perpetuating fear. What if you only took what you needed so that others could feel at least as secure as you do? This (Corona Virus) isn’t something you survive and then change to be a