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Conversations with pets before and after the transition of death

| Jul 8, 2015 | Today in Class! |

The bonds of love are unbreakable! Our beloved pets are always available to us!

The most frequently asked questions of pets who are nearing the transition of death include:

How can I make you most comfortable? Are you ready to make this transition? Are you staying here with me to keep me company? Am I causing you to suffer by keeping you going? Would you rather make your transition now? Are you in pain? Are you uncomfortable? Is there anything you want to say to me before you leave? Do you know how much I love you? Is there anything you want to do one last time before you die? Would you like the veterinarian to come to the home? Do you want to go in your own way, in your own time? Do you want me to be there with you? Do you want other family members or friends there with you? Are you afraid? Is there anything I can do to help you? Will your friends and or my family members who have passed on be there to greet you?

For pets who have passed on the most frequently asked questions are:

Do you know that I love you? Are you still around at all? How was your transition? Did I let you down in some way? If I had done … or not done … would you still be here with me? Would you have preferred not to receive the … treatment? Would you have preferred to receive the …. treatment? Did it upset you that I was not there with you when you died? Did you feel abandoned by me? Will you forgive me? Is there anything I can do for you? Will you ever return to be with me? Do you have any suggestions for me for my life? What is this experience like for you? What was this experience like for you? Were you afraid? Is there anything you suggest for me, or anything you would like me to know?

Would you like more information about scheduling an appointment to talk with your pet?

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