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Go With Your Heart! Keep The Cat!

I received an email from one of my students. I have changed her name and the names of her cats out of respect for her privacy. The conversation with these cats is a good example of how animal communication works and what is possible when we talk with our cats.

Dear Maia,

I hope you are fine and all is well. I have an urgent request of your assistance.

1.5 weeks ago I rescued a kitty near a metro station. She was alone in the rain, no mommy or sisters/brothers nearby.

As you might remember, my husband is not that pet friendly, but he accepted our cats Princess and Jasmine. He was not so happy having a 3rd cat in the apartment, but slowly he is accepting her. Even though he is still not happy, he said in the worst case, if it makes me happy, we could keep the kitty. She is 2 months old and I named here Nea.

My cats Princess and Jasmine are tolerating Nea, not accepting her. From time to time they hiss at her, Jasmine sometimes hits her with her paw, and sometimes not even lightly. But Nea does not seem to be bothered by that. She is very curious, active and adventurous. She stole my heart.

Now here is the issue. My heart would like to keep her, but my logic thinking says, having 3 cats in a 1140 square foot apartment might not be the best solution. Also as we live on the 25th floor, so the cats cannot go out.

I tried to talk to Nea to find out if she would feel I abandoned her if I gave her to a family with a 9 year old boy, 2 cats and a dog. If she were to live with this family she could go out and play a lot with the little boy. I wasn't sure if I heard her response.

I talked to the 2 cats and the dog she would live with and they said they would be willing to accept Nea. But it is hard for me to understand what they are all saying as my emotions and feelings are interfering in a big way.

Can you please help me and talk to Nea to check if she would be OK?

Thanks a lot in advance!



Before I could even say hello, Nea was sharing with me what she wanted. She was so