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I came to animal listening initially because

Jul 27, 2015 | Today in Class! |

I came to animal listening initially because I felt a desperate need to learn from the animals for myself, for my own life. I was struggling with life and watched them and wondered why they seemed to do it so well. I had a lot of respect for them and I appreciated the way they lived. I wondered how they could often be so playful, loving and happy when life seemed so bad for them. Humans tend to think animals are unaware and that’s why they can be happy in the midst of chaos, but I knew they were aware and that they had some greater wisdom. I was curious to know how to find the kind of joy I saw them have in living and what was it that made them so loving, forgiving and wise? One of the things that really helped me in learning these things was my curiosity and wonder. I wanted to know so many things from them. I had a similar curiosity about a lot of things.

I invite you to ponder what you would love to know from them. Brainstorm things you are curious about and would love to know more about. Celebrate or rediscover your curiosity. What would you love to ask them if you only could and if they could talk? If you knew they could talk and that you could hear them what would stop you from communicating? I encourage you to go for it! Say hello & have fun!!!

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