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Nature Communication for Use with United Nations

| Sep 11, 2015 | Animal Communication in Action!, Today in Class! |

I had the delight this last May of 2015 to mentor a lovely woman, Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska. She traveled to Sedona and adventured with me for about 12 days starting at the beginning with how to navigate the initial steps of telepathic communication with plants, animals, and the Earth. Then she was quickly guided in how to utilize her fledgling communication in receiving guidance from the Earth, particular plants and animals on how to specifically achieve the recently chosen United Nations sustainable development goals.

Dr. Ulatowska and I became friends immediately because we each have passion for harmony on the planet and we know that Nature is wise and we could talk with her to learn more about living and working together in harmony amongst human beings and with Nature herself too!

Lisinka was a brilliant student and so fun and inspiring to work with! Here’s a video with some of our interaction. If you would like to contact Lisinka you will find her information at the bottom of this post.

Dr Lisinka Ulatowska Coordinator Commons Cluster & Commons Actions for the United Nations UN Rep. Association of World Citizens; Institute for Planetary Synthesis All Win Network

Film editing by: Edwin Serrano of Gato Media in Sedona 928-274-3643

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