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Talking with Fireflies!

I loved Annette Hadaway's story about how she saw fireflies for the very first time one evening in Nepal and then she talked with them. Annette is one of my AWESOME graduates of the Animal Communication Mentoring/Certification Program and she is currently completing the Nature Communication Mentoring/Certification Program I am looking forward to talking with some fireflies next time in class Annette! Here's a link to get to know Annette, schedule an appointment with her and read her story with fireflies:

Hi Annette, I LOVE this post!!! The photo is amazing! Magic!!! Thank you Annette for sharing our conversation adventures in and out of class where we talk with animals, lots of elephants, plants, plants elephants like to eat, trees, insects, people (both who have passed on and those in body) and the Earth (and all the remote travel around the world we have shared). Thank you Annette for sharing all our adventures and for sharing the wonder of Nature!!!



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