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The New Year, and An Exciting Reincarnation Announcement!

A few words to begin the new year, and an exciting Reincarnation Announcement!

Dear Animal & Nature lovers,

I want to share with you an inspirational quote and a short video from my friend Genie Kabral: "New Beginnings are precious. They set the tone for what is to come. Because this is the case, now is the perfect time to Launch Into The New Year!!! Clarify where you are going, what you are doing, and how. Make sure to write it all down. Let the momentum of your energy create an amazing beginning to 2020, The Best Year Ever."

"The Genie" Kabral Sharpe

Now a few words from me:

I find it helpful to complete the past year as I move into a new year. This is a powerful clearing bringing in the new. To give you an example I take some moments at this time of the year to look back on what I had hoped to achieve and what I have achieved over the year. I have projects I had planned to complete last year which I did not accomplish. I have things I achieved which I thought would take many years. I could think I failed and not look at what I accomplished and it would not be a very powerful way for me to step into a new year. At the same time it isn't a good idea for me to sweep those incomplete projects under the rug either. So what I do is to be with what is so and work with myself to accept what is so. Sometimes this may take minutes, hours, days or weeks depending on what it is. Acceptance also involves forgiveness.

Next, once I have acceptance, I have this new blank canvas for the new year upon which I can create whatever I desire. (I am not bringing incomplete projects and frustration about not having completed them into the new year.) Anything which I choose to bring into the new year, which had been started before comes in as a new project taking it from where it left off and bringing the joy and enthusiasm around why it was of interest in the first place.

Now I can choose what it is I desire to have on the blank canvas. Having completed the last year. I am starting fresh with a new perspective and a new look and a new sense of excitement.

Along those lines I have an exciting announcement: Our precious Kato the cat who recently passed on has now returned in another form and is back in our home. We are overjoyed having him back with us and he is very happy too! What a great way to begin the new year! I feel deeply moved and grateful! It was so effortless having him come back into our lives in a new physical form. (I have experienced many reincarnations before but it is always like the most amazing miracle whether it is my precious one or one of my clients/students).

One of the things which I faced last year was caring for two of the most precious beings in my life and experiencing their deaths. One was Delight my 35 year old horse who came into my life when he was three years old, the other was Kato my cat. Both of them made their transitions in 2019 and both are here with me now in 2020 in new, young forms.

Experiencing the way they can return to us so quickly and so easily is heartwarming. As usual I assisted with numerous transitions of death and animals reincarnating to clients and students in 2019. Some of my long time clients animals passed and returned. Some of these animals had lived long lives kept going beyond what their vets thought possible due to hearing what they needed, wanted and what would make a difference for them via direct two-way conversations with them. When they were finally ready to pass on their communication with their people made all the difference in the world in a time which could be devastating. When they returned it was the most extraordinary experience for the people. For instance, one doggie had been accustomed to home cooking and was very eager to experience it again and he expected his person would provide it right away when he came back to her home in his new physical form. When I talked with him after he reincarnated he was very unhappy about one thing. He had some serious complaints about his food. This surprised me when I heard it because I knew his person cooked for him in the past and I assumed she was doing the same thing. When I shared this with her she acknowledged she had been feeding him a processed puppy chow. He requested a change of food IMMEDIATELY and of course she did. It is tremendously healing and inspiring to be a part of these experiences. Our adventures continue on in a big way and I am reminded once again WE NEVER DIE.

Thanks to each of you for inspiring me with your love and compassion for animals. I look forward to sharing many delightful adventures in 2020 and together bringing Animals and all beings of Nature their voice!

Here's to fulfilling your extraordinary goals this year, beyond what you can even imagine is possible!



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