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Three Misconceptions about Telepathic Animal Communication

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

The First most common misconception is only a few people have the ability to have two-way conversations with animals.

When I began my career as an Animal Communication Specialist back in 1997, I thought I was one of a few gifted people in the world who could communicate telepathically with animals. I actually didn’t know anyone practicing this ability. Those of you aware of animal communication may have believed the same thing – that only a few people were capable of communicating telepathically with animals.

Within my first year offering animal communication consultations and classes, this belief was quickly shattered as I worked with one person after another I quickly realized the natural talent we all carry. I discovered that not only could people communicate telepathically with animals, but that many already were communicating in this way; they just didn’t realize it.

I invite you to consider that you have the natural ability to communicate telepathically with animals, too!

The second most common misconception about animal communication is it is difficult.

Animal communication is actually quite simple, and in reality no different than having a conversation with another human. Actually, animals can be easier to talk with than humans. If you think about it, animals have so few opportunities to have an actual conversation that, when they do, they tend to be eager to talk and share what’s going on in their lives. A genuine desire to talk with and listen to animals, and a sense of mystery about what is required to have a conversation like this can create the mistaken idea that telepathic animal communication is difficult. I will never forget the moments when I first discovered how effortless it really is to communicate telepathically with animals!

I encourage you to consider animal communication could actually be easy to do, and that you can do it, too!

The third most common misconception is you must have a quiet mind or master meditation in order to communicate telepathically with animals.

This is actually not true! Being grounded and focused is certainly helpful in any endeavor, but communication happens in life all the time, regardless of how quiet the human mind. We are often in the midst of one project or another when a friend begins to talk with us. Similarly, we can be talking with our pet then be interrupted by a telephone call. We have constant interruptions, including interruptions of thoughts coming and going in our minds. These interruptions don’t stop us from communicating with our fellow humans and they don’t need to stop us from communicating with animals either!

I invite you to consider that telepathic communication with animals is not contingent on having a quiet mind.

In summary, the three most common misconceptions about telepathic animal communication include: