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Transformation of ALL Veterinary Clinics Around the World

Good morning, dear Awesome Animal Communicators,

Everyone around the world is invited to join me in this movement which is an assignment given to The Animal Communication Mentoring/Certification Program

YOUR MISSION, should you choose to accept it involves the Transformation of ALL Veterinary Clinics Around the World, no matter how large or small. 

PREREQUISITES TO ACCOMPLISHING THIS MISSION: Love of animals, and the desire for them to always be treated with love, respect and kindness (that we humans treat every other human with love, respect and kindness too!) Anyone who loves animals may very successfully accomplish this mission. If you have any questions please let me know.

REQUIRED TOOLS: Your love and dedication to the wellbeing of animals


FREQUENCY OF ACTIVITIES: Daily, for instance: 3 minutes per day.

This can be done while brushing your teeth, while walking, while having a cup of tea, coffee, while washing dishes, while sitting on the couch, while driving etc. (If you miss a day, days, weeks, months or years not to worry or be hard on yourself. Just start doing it again.

Notice what you notice by doing this practice. Inquire telepathically with the veterinary clinics and hospitals to learn of any differences noted with your communication. 

Communicate in a two way dialog with clinics and hospitals as if they were a person. This is how we talk with animals, plants, insects, the Earth, cells, organs, etc, etc.

LOCATION: This can be done from wherever you are in the world and from wherever you are at the moment you choose to do this. For instance you may be, indoors, out of doors, in your living room, in your kitchen, in your car, in a bus, a train, an airport, an airplane, etc.

INSTRUCTIONS: Feel free to use your own words or use mine. You may communicate with the hospitals and clinics telepathically by speaking silently in your head. You may say something like this: Hello Animal Hospitals and Clinics around the world. I am sending love, light and appreciation your way for all the healing for our beloved animals and their humans that goes on within your walls. I'm sending love, light and appreciation to the animals and people there in these moments and to all those who were there in the past and to all those who will come into the clinics and hospitals in the future. Please share with me your unexpressed words, thoughts and feelings such that you may be heard and all may be released.

I take these moments to be with you clinics and hospitals being present to whatever you share, including your emotions, sensations, thoughts, feelings or images as they occur to me. I allow what I experience to flow right on through me and out into the Earth to be transformed and renewed. I ask you to share in a way to clear what has not been heard and to facilitate any possible healing to the animals, their people, the veterinarians, nurses, technicians, staff such that ALL veterinary clinics and hospitals are cleared on a daily basis making a new love filled environment for beloved animals and their people who enter.

Thanks to the veterinary hospitals and clinics and all those involved.

Thank you Awesome Animal Communicators,



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