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14 year old prospective student

I receive questions on a regular basis about animal communication and animal communication training. These great questions were from a 14 year old prospective student. Just so you know people can learn at any age. I have worked with students as young as 6 years old. My youngest youngest student is 93. She started her animal communication training with me a few years ago. It is a delight to work with her and she is an awesome animal communicator! I have a 14 year old student who graduated from the yearlong Animal Communication Mentoring/Certification program. She participated beautifully and is a wonderful animal communicator!

Here are questions from a brilliant young lady, 14 year old animal advocate in South Africa:

She wrote: These are a few questions that I would love to ask you:

1. How did you know you could communicate with animals?

I always wanted to talk with animals, really have a two way dialog with them. One day I had a thought, why not just try it. (I realize now that thought came from my dog Winston.) I remember thinking, who could I talk with? And then, Winston said hello! We began to chat back and forth. (Winston was in spirit. He talked with me just like he was right there.) It was so simple! From then on I knew I could do it but I doubted myself until I heard from the animals it would help if I would just choose that I was an animal communicator and stop going back and forth doubting myself.

2. How long did you study animal communication?

I'm still studying it! I learn something new with every conversation because every animal, every conversation, is a new experience. We never know all there is to know because every animal is totally unique. I've been knowingly dialoging with animals and teaching animal communication for 24 years now.

3. Would you say some animals are more difficult to communicate with than others?

Not really. I think most animals are easy to talk with. Some may be a little easier than others just like some people are easier to talk with than others, but animals love to have the opportunity to talk, be heard, understood and to be known. Unfortunately, it is still a rare opportunity for animals to have the opportunity to talk so it is wonderful to give any animal we can the opportunity. When we talk with animals we learn about their experiences, wishes, and their perspectives. Learning from the animals is wonderful!