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Meditation to Transform Our World

I am not an expert on meditation however I recognize the transformative power the practice of meditation has had on me.

I do a type of meditation which I learned directly from animals, with their coaching, as I have communicated with them telepathically over the years.

I do not use meditation as preparation to communicate with animals. If you do meditate in preparation that is fine as long as it does not become something you HAVE to do in order to talk with animals. Here are some good questions to ask: Would you feel inadequate if you did not complete all your preparations? Do you prepare before you talk with human beings? Having no conditions to meet in order to talk with an any animal instantly, anytime, anywhere, no matter what is going on, is the way to go! A preparation exercise, especially if it takes time, needs to happen in a certain location, requires certain tools (ie seeing a photo of an animal) is a condition which can get in the way of animal communication, or human communication for that matter. Exercises thought to be necessary to prepare to talk with animals can result in some animals not having anyone to talk with (because a person doesn't think they are ready to talk because they haven't done..., they aren't in the right place...., it is chaotic where they are...., etc, etc which all become excuses in the way of actual communication.)

In fact, I don't do any preparation whatsoever. I just jump in and start communicating and that is how I teach as well. Students are blown away by how they can instantly and effectively communicate with animals with NO preparation. Similarly I rarely if ever do any preparation to talk with a fellow human being. I jump in and start to communicate and this is how I communicate with the animals too. I just pay attention to what I notice in myself and what I hear from the animals or people in the moment. The animals trained me in being attentive in the moment one conversation after another.

As an Animal Communicator and a Nature Communicator I like to clarify that meditation is NOT at all necessary to know or as a preparation to communicate with animals or trees, plants, insects or the Earth. Quieting the mind or trying to manage the mind is not needed or even necessarily desirable for animal communication. These activities can have us thinking of ourselves, and trying to control ourselves meanwhile the animal is waiting to talk. The animals like to joke with me "It's all about you (humans) isn't it". Here we are trying to manage ourselves to be in a certain state to talk with them, going around and around with our own stuff, meanwhile they are just wishing we would say hello and start talking.

Meditation has been clumped with animal communication as something that is essential in order to communicate telepathically with animals. People have believed a person must be in a deep quiet space in order to talk with an animal. This belief has left so many animals without anyone to talk with. This mistaken belief has caused a lot of confusion and sadly people who have not believed they could meditate or quiet the mind gave up their dream of talking with animals thinking if they couldn't meditate or quiet the mind then they certainly wouldn't be able to communicate telepathically with animals. This confusion of collapsing together meditation and the idea of quieting the mind with the activity of telepathically communicating can cause a lot of confusion especially for those beginning to become aware of their natural ability to talk with animals.

As a human being I would like to be clear in saying I find meditation to be helpful and transformative personally. I highly recommend meditation for being effective in organizing, completing projects, working with a team, envisioning and birthing a new world, healing and having a sense of well being in all realms of life. There are many ways to meditate and many masters. We have some world renowned teachers here in Sedona.

I learned my meditation from the animals who coached me directly as I talked with them.

One of the meditations the animals taught me was to be attentive in the moment. They taught me this through talking with me, telling me the stories of their life, telling me why they barked incessantly and how they would agree to stop if their person did..... They taught me through sharing about their adventures while out on the run, telling what would make them feel better and about their transition of death. They worked with me on being in the moment while telling me the dreams they h