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Telepathic Conversation with Cilantro About God, Life, Death, Reincarnation, Being Eaten, and Living

A chapter from the book: Animal Communicator Adventures: The Power of Love by Maia Kincaid

Formerly titled: Learning to Love from the Wise Counsel of Plants, Animals, Insects & the Earth


Chapter 10 Cilantro


Cilantro was one of the plants included on a list of ingredients in some of the traditional Hawaiian herbal remedies mentioned earlier in this book. I was asked to talk with the plants to hear what each of them had to say about being utilized by humans both for food and healing. When I think of cilantro, I think of the fresh flavor it adds to some of my favorite foods, including Mexican, East Indian and Asian foods. Cilantro is a term used to describe the young leaf of the coriander plant, which is considered by many to be one of the first herbs used by humans. Early writings chronicle how the plant was spread throughout Europe by the Romans and then how it came to America as one of the first spices.

It was early in the morning and one of those rare days where I felt I could devote a significant amount of time to converse with a number of plants. Perhaps it is somewhat like the excitement a journalist might feel at having the chance to talk with someone of interest and the time to really explore topics of curiosity. I remember the sense of delight I felt at the opportunity to ask the plant we call cilantro some questions. I focused on my breath, cleared my mind and immediately noticed that my quiet, peaceful self was now dancing with a lively personality inviting me to come out and celebrate.

Hello, Cilantro!

Hello, Human!

Cilantro, will you talk about how you feel about being eaten by humans?

OK, but, first let me tell you about myself. I am a lively, fun-loving plant! If you put yourself in a celebratory mood then you know how I feel all the time! I love life and I am a vibrant expression of it. I don’t mind being eaten by humans. In fact, I actually feel pride in my ability to bring nourishment and to share my lively spirit with others.

When I say I, I really mean we cilantro plants. Of course, each one of us has a unique personality and energy, but overall we have the characteristic of being playful and fun.

In a more serious manner, we actually do enjoy becoming one with a human when we are eaten. We like it most when the human loves us and prepares us respectfully, with care and appreciation. It is especially powerful when a human blesses what he or she eats, as it literally raises the vibration of the foods and brings them to their most nourishing possibility. Both the individual plant that is eaten, and the species as a whole receive that loving, thankful energy and it makes a wonderful exchange in nourishing humans. In this way, all is balanced and all are grateful for the connection.

We cilantro plants are especially helpful for the human digestion and circulation. We facilitate circulation to areas often forgotten so that these hidden places receive nurturance and cleansing. We are particularly interested in the blood, for it is our source of transportation to all destinations. Our intent is to nourish the blood and assist in enhancing its flow evenly to all parts of the body.

When humans love the spicy taste of our leaf, they receive the most benefit. Gratitude brings out the best in all of us. Our existence is based on gratitude.

For humans who appreciate us, we can be particularly nurturing and even bring about healing because of our cleansing and circulating properties. You can eat us fresh-chopped and put us on top of nearly any food to add a fresh kick to whatever you eat.

Cilantro, what is it like to be a plant?

It is really an amazing experience. I feel the energy of the Earth vibrating in my roots. I often feel movements in the soil and I literally feel the energy that nurtures my individual roots. I notice it there waiting for me to acknowledge it, and then I take it in each day. This energy is not always physical energy; in fact, most often it might be considered by humans to be spiritual energy. I feel connected to it and I feel loved.

Do you feel the same connection with the other plants around you?

No, it is different. I feel connected in a manner like we are brothers, but it is not exactly the same as the way it feels with the Mother organism who feeds and nurtures us all.

I also feel a connection with the sun and the heavens. My life as a plant may seem very tiny and small, but I feel myself - my essence - literally spanning from deep in our Mother up into the distant universes.

Cilantro, when you speak of “our Mother”, are you speaking of the Earth?

Yes, she is the mother of all life. She nurtures us all!

As a plant, it seems like you would not have much control of your life. For instance, you live where you are planted and can be moved or harvested at any time.

It may seem limited from an outside perspective, but let me try to explain. There may be rows and rows and rows of cilantro growing and it is true that we are there at the mercy of our environment. A deer could ravish us or a human could step on us or dig us up. We could dry out or be flooded. There are many possible experiences and that is OK.

None of this really matters! Each of us has a particular character that lives on through it all. Despite being eaten, stomped on or dried out in a drought, each one of us cilantro plants carries on with the characteristic makeup of our species and with our own unique personality, too.

Are you trying to explain that each individual plant has consciousness?

Yes, I am! Each one of us does. When you humans hear that something has consciousness, you immediately attach all your human feelings to it and start to look at it in a different way - that is, if you truly accept the idea that we have consciousness in the first place.

We honestly do, but having consciousness does not mean that we cringe if we are eaten or that we cry out when we are stepped on. We don’t like to be stepped on when it is done out of disrespect, but if a person is grateful to walk upon us, it is OK. By this I mean that the person walking on me acknowledges that I am a being of life and that I deserve respect, love and appreciation like any other being of life.

We feel our purpose is to live and to be a source of nourishment to other beings of life. We take pride in our unique offering and we love to share with those who love to share us.

What happens when you die, if you are pulled out of the ground roots and all?

As long as my leaves are fresh-looking, I live on even when I am chilled. Once that is over, my sweet essence rejoices and rejoins my Source, and I go home! It is a wonderful cycle, that one way or another always finishes at home. Then I dive joyfully into the Earth again, but not literally.

Are you saying that you enter a seed or that you dive into a plant that is already growing? Please explain.

I am the seed! I am a seed of possibility!

How do you get from the essence that has returned home to being back in the Earth again?

Yes! Thank you for keeping me on track! I feel so excited to have this opportunity to talk that I forget exactly where I was in all this! OK, so I have returned home. Then I feel the desire to play again so I take the first opportunity that comes along or I might choose a particular opportunity. For instance, I am aware of all the places on Earth where cilantro is being planted at that time. I choose one and boom! I am there!

Now, it may seem amazing that a plant can travel like this, so let me explain. When I am home, I am an essence - there are no leaves or roots. I am merely an essence of my former and future self. My essence however, is everything. My essence gives me what you humans term to be “consciousness.” It gives me the ability to communicate with you now and the awareness of how I feel in life.

So, let’s say I‘m aware that cilantro is being planted in California near the ocean. By my decision alone, I arrive there at the location where this is going on. Much like human workers might hear of an opportunity to work, we arrive ready for the opportunity to grow.

Now, this is the really cool part! My essence enters a seed. A seed is a possibility. It is a vehicle that can take an essence into the ground and into the experience of becoming a vibrant plant. Sometimes a seed fails to have the proper equipment or storage of nutrients for our early travels. I say “travels” because a seed is like a spaceship or a car that is equipped with nutrients to take us on the early stage of our journey before we make our connection once again with the Earth.

Some seeds don’t ever receive an essence so they fail to sprout. Others have the essence, but the seed itself is lacking the necessary elements for the journey. Most often, though, all are aligned, and a new plant grows again from its ancient beginnings.

Cilantro, how do you know where you are being planted? How do you know where you can go to grow?

We just do! We know everything about our species. Our history, our nutritional values, our personality, where we grow best and where we are being grown. It is much like a human with a favorite topic of interest knowing all there is to know about it. We feel this in the humans we come across. Each one has a different set of interests. We cilantro plants have an interest in our species and the possibilities of experience available to us.

When you say that you “go home”, what do you mean by this? Where is home? What is it?

Home is a place that all beings of life know. It is where we have our new beginnings. It is not a physical place really, like a field. It is a… well, humans often think of physical places as being real and spiritual places as being mysterious and indefinable and perhaps not really there. From our experience of being home, it is the most definable place there is. It is more “real” to us than any other place. But, it actually isn’t a place at all it is a state of mind.

We plants tend to be at home all the time. When we are not in our physical state, we are at home with no distractions whatsoever. We tend to find the physical distractions entertaining, though. For instance, we can be communicating with another essence and then notice, “Whoops, I just got run over,” and we can laugh about it. Of course, we don’t really want to get run over - we like to be vibrantly healthy and to grow, but when it happens, we laugh because we just keep doing what we can and what we know and that is to grow! We don’t take things personally.

Home is a state of consciousness of pure love and all the possibilities that this offers a being of life. It is a place to rejuvenate and refresh the spirit, a safe place to heal and regroup. It reminds me of when I was growing in a garden of a loving human family. Their boy went off to experience his first adventure away from the family at a camp of some sort with other young humans. When he returned, he felt as though he’d had a wonderful adventure, but he was so delighted to be home. It is kind of like this for us. When we are in the Earth growing, we are away at camp. When we are home in spirit, we are so purely of the consciousness of love that it goes beyond anything I can really explain in your human terms. All I can say is that there is nothing to fear in going home! Nothing to fear! It is a place that we delight in going whenever the time is correct.

I know you are going to ask about God - humans always do!

Do you talk with many humans?

Actually I do, but it is a one-way conversation. Few humans realize that if they listen to plants, they can receive great wisdom and have fun communicating too! I have never had a dialogue like this before! I am delighted!

OK, do you want to hear what I have to say about God or not?

Yes, please go ahead!

Humans do talk to us plants; it is just that they don’t listen for our replies. We hear their concerns and questions, and we frequently hear them talk to God. We assume that God could be similar to the all-knowing essence that began the game and nurtures the game to this day.

What do you mean by “the game,” Cilantro?

What I mean is what you humans term to be life. It is an ongoing and never-ending cycle that never ceases to repeat itself; it never ends. As far as I/we know, all beings of life are well aware of this except humans.

With this awareness, we look upon what you term to be life in a different manner. We certainly are not ungrateful for life. Actually, from our perspective we appreciate it more than most humans. This is a perplexing question for us! Why, with all the fear of death that you humans have, are you so ungrateful for each magic moment of life? This is something that we do not understand! Here we are enjoying each precious moment having no fear of an end, because there is no doubt in our understanding that life goes on and on. We call it a game; we get this from humans! We don’t think of a game as ending, though.

OK, I know you want to know our impressions of God! We do not think of God as having gender. And we do not think of God as having a human form, so we don’t have the long bearded man that we find in the consciousness of humans. Yet, we have no question about the existence of God. Every being of life I have met seems to have nearly the same knowingness. We literally feel God in our essence. Each essence of life as we know it has that - the literal essence of God. We really are God and God is literally at our roots. We feel this connection each and every moment. We are never without it because it is who we are. We would not exist without it.

Cilantro, earlier in our conversation you mentioned that when you die, you return home to the Source. What does that mean? How does the Source differ from God?

The Source is God. It is the Source of all life. When we go home, we go to our Source, to God, to be bathed in love and acceptance and gratitude for our adventures. We receive an immediate welcome home that is so filled with love and gratitude that it makes even the most difficult adventure worth it. We go home to this place that all beings of life instinctively know.

Cilantro, you talk of the Earth as being our Mother and then there is the Source and God. How do you see this all fitting together? What is your understanding of this?

We are birthed initially at the Source, by what humans term to be God. Humans have many different names for it, but that is OK. In our understanding, there is one God, what we sometimes refer to as the Source. The Source, or God, literally gives us life and lives on within each being of life, throughout all our adventures. No being of life is ever without God. Our Mother Earth is like our nursery. We are the children of God and our Mother tends and nurtures us. We receive our sustenance from our Mother. Our Mother is also of the Source, of God.

Cilantro, how are you feeling?

I am feeling a little limp! I need some water and some nurturance from the Earth. Being connected to human consciousness is somewhat tiring. So I feel somewhat drained by the energy. Talking with you opens me to the energy of humanity in a profound way.

We plants and animals live in the consciousness of God; we live in love. This is what we feel and what we know. It can be tiring to feel the consciousness of humanity face-to-face. Why did you ask how I was feeling?

I sensed that you were feeling a little limp. I am too! Your energy is so wonderful, so playful and alive! But I am unaccustomed to feeling it so intensely and for so long. I suggest that we take a rest now. What do you think?

I agree! It has been an amazing experience to be heard! I want to sit with this!

Thank you, Cilantro! I will never think of you the same way!

Chapter 10 from the book: Animal Communicator Adventures: The Power of Love by Maia Kincaid Original book published in 2009.

Formerly titled: Learning to Love from the Wise Counsel of Plants, Animals, Insects & the Earth Originally published in 2009.

Maia Kincaid


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