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Telepathic Conversation with Cilantro About God, Life, Death, Reincarnation, Being Eaten, and Living

A chapter from the book: Animal Communicator Adventures: The Power of Love by Maia Kincaid

Formerly titled: Learning to Love from the Wise Counsel of Plants, Animals, Insects & the Earth


Chapter 10 Cilantro

Cilantro was one of the plants included on a list of ingredients in some of the traditional Hawaiian herbal remedies mentioned earlier in this book. I was asked to talk with the plants to hear what each of them had to say about being utilized by humans both for food and healing. When I think of cilantro, I think of the fresh flavor it adds to some of my favorite foods, including Mexican, East Indian and Asian foods. Cilantro is a term used to describe the young leaf of the coriander plant, which is considered by many to be one of the first herbs used by humans. Early writings chronicle how the plant was spread throughout Europe by the Romans and then how it came to America as one of the first spices.

It was early in the morning and one of those rare days where I felt I could devote a significant amount of time to converse with a number of plants. Perhaps it is somewhat like the excitement a journalist might feel at having the chance to talk with someone of interest and the time to really explore topics of curiosity. I remember the sense of delight I felt at the opportunity to ask the plant we call cilantro some questions. I focused on my breath, cleared my mind and immediately noticed that my quiet, peaceful self was now dancing with a lively personality inviting me to come out and celebrate.

Hello, Cilantro!

Hello, Human!

Cilantro, will you talk about how you feel about being eaten by humans?

OK, but, first let me tell you about myself. I am a lively, fun-loving plant! If you put yourself in a celebratory mood then you know how I feel all the time! I love life and I am a vibrant expression of it. I don’t mind being eaten by humans. In fact, I actually feel pride in my abi