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Animal Communication Business Class Notes

Updated: May 4, 2020

Dear Awesome Animal & Nature Communicators, Thank you for our class! Ideas to consider at this time: What if you could create a business totally on your own terms? (This business does not need to have a structure like other businesses if you would prefer it to look or be different than the norm.)

What if it would serve animals and people you love and fulfill, inspire and enliven you all at the same time?

My business has been a mystery to many friends and family members. They have wondered what it is exactly that I do and how can I be so successful and sought after worldwide and have such freedom to do my work anywhere. To give you an example many many years ago I was visiting some friends in California. I traveled with them as we stayed at some beautiful parks over a period of about six weeks. I was able to do my work right from the mouth of my tent while looking out at some gorgeous mountains and streams. I can remember being on a call with a client from Gibraltar and recording our call with what is now an old style cassette tape recorder and an adaptor that went from my phone to the recorder. That was how I recorded my appointments and classes back in those days. The freedom to be in an amazing environment out in nature sitting under a tree or on a favorite camp chair comes to mind and makes me smile. I have led many a class from the barn while Chanella goat was resting nearby. We are fortunate with the technology we have and also the type of service we offer to clients worldwide we truly can work from just about anywhere.

This is a great time to build your business just as you wish which will warm your heart and the heart of many people and animals worldwide. Also, you are an inspiration to others with the ability you have realized to communicate telepathically with animals, plants, trees, insects and the Earth. And, you are an inspiration in that you really can be wherever you wish creating your own schedule and business of your own design. You have a type of freedom available to you which is unique. Besides that doing a type of work which has you feeling as if you are finally doing what you were born to do, what you absolutely love is so touching and heartwarming. Also, in this time where many people are realizing their skills and abilities you have the kind of experience and expertise which is truly advanced. Whether you have worked with clients or not you have worked with clients over and over again in class and outside of class. Because in our classes you have talked with one animal after another without any preparation and and made a difference for these animals and their people. You truly are a leader in the field whether you know it or not. As you step out sharing through your blogs, books, online and other radio, videos, etc you will realize more and more you are in a powerful place to launch yourself into the world. What you have to offer through your experience communicating with so many animals and who you uniquely are for the animals (and Beings of Nature), as their voice, is something of tremendous value. I encourage you to celebrate this and have fun with it! How would you like to express your offerings in the world? How do you see yourself doing this communication? Thank you Awesome Communicators! I look forward to sharing adventures with you next time. Love, Maia

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