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Doggie Talks About Coronavirus Lockdown

Special note: Names have been changed for the humans and the dog in this post for privacy.

A couple of my friends from India wrote to ask for help. Their doggie seems low energy and depressed. He doesn't appear to be doing well and they worry for his health. They have been in a lockdown in their apartment for over a week because neighbors have tested positive for the coronavirus. They cannot step outside even to walk their doggie Levi.

Dear Deena, and Jane,

Levi tells me he is not peeing and pooping enough because of the restrictions of going out. He does not feel good about going in the house (He feels like he is a "bad boy") I let him know you do not think of him as a bad boy and you want him to now go in the house because that is the only available option at this time.

Levi says your concern over him paired with his feeling like a "bad boy" has him thinking you are upset with him. He doesn't want to go in the house and feels bad about it so he is holding back and only peeing and pooping when he absolutely cannot hold it any longer. This activity of holding his pee and poop is causing him to not feel well.

Levi suggests you shift your worry over him and instead encourage him to move around as much as possible in the house as it will stimulate his need to pee and poop. He says he feels bored and he also is a little low because of not being able to go out. He says it would be helpful if you two move around in the home as well. For instance if possible you could play some fun music and dance around and encourage him to join you. It doesn't seem like he is drinking enough water either. (He says he isn't.)

Another thing he says will help him is to be massaged and groomed as this will stimulate his digestion and circulation. Giving a warm bath if possible or just wiping him off with a warm rag can be helpful even though he says he prefers not to be bathed. He feels good afterwards.