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Nature's Vision on a Perfect World ~ Recording and notes

Dear Nature Communicators, thank you for sharing the sense of inspiration and joy we celebrate in nature. On Saturday in Nature communication class, (Nature Communication As It Relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals), we asked nature for her vision on a perfect world. I loved hearing what people were hearing and sharing.

Here's the recording from our Nature Communication class. Feel free to share with friends and family members, and, or on social media if you like:

Our apologies if you were unable to make it to the Strategy Meeting due to an incorrect link on the Commons Cluster newsletter. We will be sure to have the correct link for next months meeting. Here's the recording from the UN Strategy Meeting. Feel free to share with friends and family members, and, or on social media if you like:

Remember we talked with a female river dolphin. She had a pink hue. I encourage you to say hello to her each day to connect with Nature's Vision on a Perfect World. You can even invite her to hang out with you and to share whenever she wishes if she wishes.

We humans may think we know what a perfect world would look like (just so you know I don't love the word "perfect", I prefer Purrfect). What we are curious about is Nature's vision on this topic/question. For those of you who know you are communicators dive right in and ask this dolphin (and any other being of Nature) questions and dialog back and forth on this and any other topic of interest to you and or to the dolphin (I always like to give beings of Nature the opportunity to share whatever they would like to talk about). For those of you who are not yet aware you can easily dialog with any being of Nature, any being of life. Say hello, ask the dolphin questions. How about if you assume you CAN do this then you can begin to experience how true this is.

It occurs to me after talking with so many animals and trees, plants, insects and Mother Earth we humans really don't know what it means to live, what it means to live in harmony what it means to live in balance. We can find our way back on course. A favorite quote of Einstein comes to mind: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." What better way to get back on course than to go to the source of wisdom and the basis of who we are? We are animals. We are beings of Nature! Communicating with beings of Nature brings us the kind of peace of mind we experience when we take moments to enjoy walking in the woods, viewing a stunning natural landscape. Dialoging with beings of Nature gives us the wisdom and insig