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Chats with Cats positive for corona virus

Kato the Cat (aka Kato Bunz)

Dear Awesome Nature Communicators,

Thank you for class last Friday and for sharing our amazing adventures talking with beings of nature. I have listed some conversations to have between now and when we meet for class again on our live video platform.

Conversations to have:

1. Corral Reefs. Ask how the reefs are doing in general and any specifics too. Let's ask them about "bleaching". What does it mean? Is it something we need to be concerned about? What can we do about it?

2. Sara, a dog who passed on. Get to know Sara's personality, who she is and ask her about her transition of death. What was that like? Is there anything she would like to share with us about herself and, or any requests. Does she have anything she would like her person, people to know? Also, would she be willing to share her advice and any guidance about death.

3. Dog, (female). Her person wants to start bringing her to work with him (when he starts to go back to work again). What does she think about that? Does she like the idea or would she prefer to stay home? Does she have any needs or desires or is there anything she would like to share with her person? Is there anything she would like to share with humans in general?

4. Nadia, female tiger living at the Bronx Zoo in New York. She is the first of her kind to test positive for corona virus. Let's talk with her. Get to know her personality. How she is doing now? What was it like for her to experience having the virus. (There are now a total of 8 big cats infected with the virus living at the zoo.)

5. Let's talk with two house cats living with two separate families in New York who tested positive for the corona virus. One of the cats lives with a human being who also tested positive for the virus. The other kitty lives with humans who did not test positive. If you have time talk with these two cats, ask any questions you like.

6. The Cosmos. What is the cosmos? Let's find out?!

Thank you, Awesome Nature Communicators! See you next week!



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